Florida’s Sports Bar

Gator’s Dockside is an American chain that first opened it’s doors over two decades ago, with just one neighborhood restaurant in Florida.  The restaurant is famous for its friendly laid back atmosphere, large screen TV’s and their signature grilled wings.

We have lived in Orlando for 29 month now and have never visited a Gator’s Dockside.  We thought it was about time we did, especially now that they a building a new location,  just a short distance away from our new home, which is currently under construction.  Being Brits we need a local!

We visited the location on Waterford Lakes which is one of their 27 locations in Florida.  On entering we were seated very quickly on a table in the centre of the restaurant.  We asked if we could take a booth on the outskirts for a little more privacy, which was no problem to the staff at all.

The menu is typical American fare.  We decided to order various items to share as a family rather than a meal each.

Steak Bites

Fresh cut flat-iron steak slices on toasted garlic bread topped with Creamy Cajun Bayou Sauce and Parsley $ 10.99.

Steak Bites

The steak was cooked to perfection, whilst the garlic bread was mild enough not to allow the garlic to overtake the flavor of the creamy sauce, which was delicious.  We would highly recommend this dish.

Fried Mushrooms

Fresh button mushrooms hand battered and fried, served with homemade ranch $ 8.49.

Fried Mushrooms

When these arrived we thought they looked a little dry.  However, they tasted anything but dry, nice and crispy on the outside and juicy in the centre.

Gator Taters

Fried and diced golden brown potatoes in homemade ranch topped with bacon, melted cheddar and melted mozzarella $ 7.99.

Gator Taters

We thought these might be your typical tater tots, however, we were pleasantly surprised that they were actually made with fresh potatoes and not those awful things dragged from the freezer.  They were piled high with a great mixture of cheese and bacon, just how we like it.


The wings are what Gator’s Dockside are famous for.  You can choose from boneless, grilled, buffalo or breaded.  There is a huge selection of wing sauces ranging from sweet, mild, medium to hot.  There are twenty-four sauces to choose from!  All offered with a dressing of blue cheese or ranch.

Boneless Wings in Sweet BBQ Sauce $ 9.49

Boneless Wings in Sweet BBQ Sauce

I didn’t really enjoy these, however, I think it was more to do with the sauce our son choose, I am not a real lover of sweet BBQ, however, the chicken was cooked nicely.

Grilled Wings with Teriyaki Sauce $ 9.99.

Grilled Wings with Teriyaki Sauce

These were the best item we ordered.  Cooked perfectly and with just the right amount of Teriyaki.  Our only regret is we wished we ordered a much larger portion!


We don’t often order dessert but everything else was so good we decided we should at least share something.

Deep Fried Oreo and Vanilla Ice Cream

This might not be the most healthiest desert on the planet, however, it certainly tasted great.  It reminded us of an indulgent treat from an old seaside town in England called ‘Whitby’.  We used to often indulge in their ‘Deep Fried Doughnuts’ which come with fresh whipped cream and ice cream.  The taste was uncannily similar.  We would totally recommend these to adults and kids alike.


There is a huge bar offering a great selection of beers, wines, specialty drinks and spirits.


We were a little skeptical when the food first arrived as it looked very much like it had been pulled from the freezer and thrown in the oven to heat up.  But how very wrong we were to judge by first appearances.  The food was extremely fresh tasting, unlike many other big chains in Florida.


All the above was shared by a family of four and there was more than enough for everyone.  The total cost was around $ 70 before tip.


The service was excellent.  Our waiter was extremely helpful, but not annoyingly so.  He was very cheerful and kept the refills coming on a regular basis.

Would Total Orlando Recommend Gator’s Dockside

OK, it’s not gourmet and of course there are many wonderful places to eat in Orlando.  However, for a sports bar this is by far one of the better options.  The food is good and very reasonably priced.

We would highly recommend a visit to Gator’s Dockside. You may be more adventurous than us and actually order a Floridian delicacy, ‘Gator’.

Overall the service was exceptional, the food was on the high-end for a sports bar and the price was fantastic for the amount of food served!

Yes we would recommend a visit!