Disney have confirmed that Maelstrom will be transformed into a Frozen themed attraction.  No further details exist, but the timing does reflect a closure on October 5th 2014.
A Frozen themed Cinderella Castle will also feature in the Very Merry Christmas Party event along with Frozen characters appearing in the Mickey’s Once Upon A Time Christmas Parade.

UPDATE: FASTPASS+ Is not Available after September 28th 2014 (WDWNT.COM)

The latest exclusion of Fastpass+ availability from September 28th might be a clear sign that Maelstrom is indeed preparing for a close this fall.  Although just speculation, Tom Corless; the editor of WDWNT.COM, rarely gets things like this wrong.  Partly sad news, as we love Maelstrom, but we have wished for another kid friendly attraction at Epcot and here it is!
Epcot will really become busier now and it might even change its character as a result of more families spending more time in WDW’s second most popular theme park!

Disney’s Frozen Rumours Increase as Norwegians Reacts to pressure From Disney

He needs to grasp the gravity of the situation!

According to Norway’s TV2 in an article raised by Screamscape.com, Disney and Norway appear to be debating the matter of a mere $9m to upgrade the Norway Pavilion at Epcot to bring it up to date after 26 years of loyal service to Walt Disney World.

For years, the Norwegian government has been reported to hand over $200,000 per year to keep the Norway pavilion partly funded, but having stopped those payments in 2002, Disney are no doubt keen to ensure that Epcot’s attractions move on.

With the rise of the ‘Frozen’ movie phenomena, Disney have been rumoured for some time to be considering a Frozen themed attraction to replace Norway’s Maelstrom ride, and now it seems reality is getting closer.

If Frozen does head to Norway, it really could turn out to become one of the most controversial developments in Walt Disney World’s history.
On one hand, Disney fans are desperate to see Anna and Elsa in Arendelle especially with some form of family friendly ride, but other devoted Epcot fans will no doubt be outraged at the prospect of the World Showcase being transformed beyond a quaint recreation of a Norwegian village.
While the introduction of Frozen would be a fabulous addition for families, who are often frustrated by the shortage of kid’s attractions at Epcot, it is hard to imagine the concept of the World Showcase developing into a ‘non country theme’.
Although based in a Norwegian setting, Frozen’s fictitious storyline would be quite a big diversion from Epcot’s national themes that are clustered around 1.2 miles of the World Showcase lagoon.

Even if they are the 4th wealthiest nation in the world, $9m is a lot of cash for the Norwegian government to hand over to Disney
If they do decide to keep a foothold in Epcot, they will create a whole new headache for Disney’s Imagineers who will inevitably have to build any new Frozen attraction somewhere else inside Walt Disney World.


Some coverage from the Norwegian TV Show

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