Magic Kingdom Phone Charger

A Brightbox phone charging locker in use.  Expect to see these on trial in WDW soon!


During the latter part of April 2014, Disney are reported to be adding complementary cell phone charging lockers to a number of locations within the Magic Kingdom.
According to the small lockers will be up and running on a trial basis at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and the Tomorrowland Light and Power Company.

In order to charge your precious cell phone entirely free of charge, just swipe a vacant locker card reader with a credit or debit card, open the door, pop your phone on charge with one of the supplied leads and head off for a while and have some fun.
Return at any time and swipe the door again with your card to open the locker and remove your ‘boosted’ phone.
If you leave the cell phone on charge long enough, an LED unit will light up green to indicate that your battery is replenished.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesAlthough a typical iphone takes just under 3 hours to recharge from totally flat to 100%, most phones will receive a very useful charge boost in an hour or so, giving park guests a chance to use their mobile devices for longer during the parks.



Why are Disney being so kind?

Firstly, this free electricity isn’t costing Disney much at all.
The cost to charge a modern cell phone from 0% to 100% is typically less than 50c!
But those hi-tech charging units that are supplied by BrightBox are a definite costly expense for the parks to give up space for and invest in.
Recent theme park guests will know however, that Disney’s power hungry My Disney Experience App is now an essential part of a trip to Walt Disney World, and a single charge per day can often leave you short when it comes to making the most out of the new Fastpass+ system.
Equally, just as your battery power gives up later in the afternoon, is just about the time that Disney are hoping you will use the app to make a dining reservation on Disney property!

Disney are being kind, but they are definitely hoping to entertain you as long as they can by wining and dining you all day long at Walt Disney World.
To do that, your Cell Phone is Disney’s friend!

Our Cell Phone Battery Life Tips for Visiting Disney!

  1. If you only have one cell phone with your group, turn down the backlight, switch off bluetooth and close down as many apps as possible to preserve battery life.
  2. Turn off any email fetching during your park visit.
  3. Consider taking a backup smart phone with you just to use as a MyMagic+ device.  (leave it switched off until you definitely need it).
  4. Use an iPod touch with WiFi connection to the Disney network, the battery life is significantly better than a cell phone.
  5. Use a ‘power pack jacket’
  6. Use the free Disney chargers