Crazy International Driving Permit goes into Florida’s History Book!

If ever you want to unsettle tourists, simply pass a law that prohibits them from doing what they need to do on vacation and top that off by a distinct muddle of bad PR and general lack of communication.  Do that and you might just come close to matching the mistakes made by the Florida State Law enforcers crazy law that required all non US licence holders to obtain an International Driving permit.

The archaic permit stems from post WW2 treaties and provided international drivers with a translation of their own native licence to assists authorities as drivers travelled freely around the globe.
So old, the documents have barely changed at all since those distant decades ago.
So obscure, that the internet completely lit up in February as foreign tourists scurried to work out where to obtain one!

Since then, the embarrassed Tourism board and the legislators in Florida slugged it out to try and recover the faith of millions of mainly British and Canadian that ended up being caught up in the debacle.

Thankfully it is now all over as Florida’s International Driving Permit Scrapped at last!

For more information, check out our main article on the Florida International Drivers Permit here!


Editor’s Note;
All thanks to who raised awareness of the astonishing new law.
Without them, millions of drivers would be on Florida’s highways illegally!