Watch the Weasley family cast spells with the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter RFID wands.
Available in a number of stores within Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, these trick new wands differ from the collectable wands that will also continue to be on sale at Universal Orlando.
Following simple instructions set in the special medallions placed strategically on the floor of the tow Wizarding Worlds.

The wireless technology plots the movement of your wrist as your wand waves a magic spell.  If you get it right and the movement matches the path laid out on dozens of the bronze medallions, the special sets in shop windows and walls will truly come to life.

The wands, which are expected to cost between $40 and $60 are thought to be entirely unique in design, and offer just one ‘spell’ per ‘medallion’ per day.  Thoughts are, that this will help keep the magic alive, and guests flowing through the park instead of simply passing the wands around other family members and clogging up areas of the park.

To ensure you didn’t miss any out, Universal provide you with a map of all of the possible locations!

Some commands include;

  • Locomotor (activates a Hogwarts Castle scene)
  • Arresto Momentum (reverse spell of Locomotor)
  • Incendio (Light up fireworks)
  • Revelio (activates singing chocolate frog)
  • Herbivicus (Plant growing spell)
  • Ascendo (activates a tailor’s window)
  • Descendo (reverses the above)
  • Locomotor Snowman (skates on top of cake)
  • Wingardium Leviosa (activates Quidditch kit)