Community Locations

Why are vacation homes lined along US27 or south of the 192?

The answer is simple.  The local authorities ‘zone’ districts for different usage.  For example; industrial, commercial, retail, residential, short term rental etc.
The main areas for short term rental (vacation homes) are along tow main areas

  • the US27 areas of Clermont and Davenport
  • South of the 192 area of Formosa

Just about every other home community is zoned as residential only.
These residential only areas include places like;

  • Celebration
  • Windermere
  • Isleworth
  • Doctor Philips (around Universal Studios etc)

People often ask us for advice on renting homes near Universal.
No doubt, to Universal’s delight, there simply isn’t a community in that area that is zoned for short term vacation home rentals!
If you want to stay near Universal, you can choose their branded hotels or one of the many I-Drive hotels.

The Growing Importance of Community Amenities

Orlando guests are increasingly looking for greater experiences and increased value for their $.
Many reasons have triggered the gradual sway from cheap or overpriced accommodation, as more guests than ever head towards Central Florida each year.
One important factor, is that vacationers are simply addicted to the theme parks and lifestyle here!

Better value means more frequent visits.
Well appointed vacation homes naturally provide great value, with fully equipped kitchens and private pools.
Great resort amenities however, do add another layer of sunshine to any vacation and even a small resort pool, splash zone, and a simple clubhouse with a bar can offer extended appeal after a busy day in the parks!
The prospect of not having to dine out each evening is a huge money saver when you can provide your family with ‘fuss free favorite food’.

Great amenities allow for a few, essential lazy days!
Even though you feel guilty at not hitting the parks hard every single day, you can enjoy your family time more with a little bit of relaxation for half a day or so by the resort pool.
Most important, if you have younger kids too.

Aging Communities

There’s a notable uprise in exciting, new, high specification resort communities.
You’d think that the older resorts would suffer?
In reality, a well kept, well decorated and furnished home, in an older but nicely maintained community, can be a gold mine.
We personally know one such home, that is fully booked through 2018 already.
There’s still a huge market for value, especially if it a home is carefully taken care of and guests are looked after!

The Rise of the Newer Vacation Communities

A few really nice designer resorts have been appearing over recent years.
They offer a lot of choice in bedroom counts, often with fabulous resort amenities and a nice upscale feel.
Here are a few that we can help you find that dream home with!

  • Margaritaville Resort Orlando
  • Encore at Reunion
  • ChampionsGate
  • Windsor at Westside
  • Reunion Resort

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Reunion Resort Homes For Sale

If you are looking for a high level of financial return and an outstanding vacation experience for you and your guests, check out the Reunion Resort Homes for Sale.
There’s simply nowhere like Reunion Resort for a luxury vacation rental.
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