Epcot The Centre of All Disney Festivals

Epcot are hosting their second annual event ‘Festival of the Arts’.  The event will run from January 12th through to February 19th 2018.

The event celebrates and supports the culinary, performing and visual arts from around the world.


The food kiosks are located around the World Showcase and are open daily from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Each of the stunning dishes have been expertly prepared and are unique to their theme.  They look almost too good to eat!!  Almost we said!

Pop Eats

Modern inspired cuisine.  These very modern dishes are beautifully prepared using a wide range of colors.  We absolute love the Cloudem Sparkling Wine offered here.

Chinese Art and Culture Cuisine

The Crispy Fried Shrimp is delicious, one of our favorite dishes.

Offering Old World Delights.

The Seared Corvina is fabulous we loved the mixture of sauces.

Baroque-inspired Dishes

German and Dutch Favorites.

The Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookie is a hit with the kids.

Takumi Table crafted from Japanese artisans.

Mosaic Canteen inspired by Moroccan mosaics.

Cuisine Francaise inspired by French cooking.

The Masterpiece Kitchen.  One of our favorite kitchens we love the Wild Mushroom Risotto.

Deconstructed Dish.

We have to be honest this kitchen offers our most favorite dish and the dish we found most disgusting.  We loved the deconstructed strawberry cheesecake, however, the deconstructed breakfast really wasn’t edible.

Decadent Delights

Definitely a stop off for those with a sweet tooth.  These desserts really are a work of art.

Media Event

We were lucky enough to receive an invite to the media event on the first day of the festival.  We sampled some of their beautifully prepared cuisine, it was so artfully prepared it could have been located in the visual art category!

Trio of Savory Croissant Doughnuts

Gallery Bites A Trio of Hors d’Oeuvres

Our Favorite Dish.

Deconstructed Breakfast

Visual Arts

The visual arts are literally everywhere you look.  Marvel at the Disney Inspired Original Iconic Works of Art.


Guests are also able to join in with the fun and participate in events which include:

  • Painting with a Disney Artist
  • Workshops in Floral Design, Character Sketching, Calligraphy and Mixed Media Art
  • Figment Scavenger Hunt

Paint by Numbers Mural

The famous wall is back for a second year.  The paint by numbers mural involves guests participating throughout the day.  It is great to watch the progress throughout the day!

Performing Arts

Disney love the Performing arts and put on a great display.  Art Defying Gravity really shouldn’t be missed, the performance is an amazing display of strength and agility.

Living Statues

The living statues in gold, bronze and silver move sporadically interacting with guests for some great unique picture opportunities.


Disney on Broadway

This really is the highlight of the festival for us.  Broadway stars take to the stage to perform songs from award winning Disney on Broadway musicals.  NOT TO BE MISSED!


The festival has it’s own merchandise most of which is only available during the event.

Design a Tee

Choose from an array of colors and designs.  The tee is then printed within minutes for you to take home as a souvenir or special gift.  We chose a grey color with a Malificent design!

Fairy House Ladies

One of our favorite stands.  Discover these beautifully hand crafted fairy homes constructed from everyday objects.

Disney Artists

Some of the best Disney artists display their work, giving guests the opportunity to buy some of their unique wonders.



Photo Opportunities

There are also some very different opportunities for photos unique to the festival itself.

We love Epcot all year around, however, it is even more spectacular during the festivals they hold.  The Festival of the Arts was a huge success last year, but we actually think it is going to be even bigger and better than last year!

It looks like The Festival of the Arts is here to stay!