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Some years ago, we stayed in a beautiful Reunion Resort villa for the very first time after researching luxury vacation home communities in the Walt Disney World area.
We’ve never really been tempted by the on site Resort accommodations at Disney World or Universal and had always opted for our own private living space and a lovely pool deck to enjoy to ourselves.
We can’t say that we haven’t been tempted by lovely resort accommodations such as the Animal Kingdom Lodge or the Portofino Bay Hotel, but in the end, we’ve always opted for the tranquility, luxury and privacy of a privately owned pool home.

Reunion Resort's Water Park

Reunion Resort’s Water Park

With so many great resorts to choose from, it really can be difficult to find the ‘best vacation home community’, but we firmly and genuinely believe that right now, Reunion Resort is the best option for luxury villa rentals.  ChampionsGate is coming along closely, so too the Encore Club at Reunion, and there is of course the ever reliable Windsor Hills Resort, which is just about as close as you can possible get to Disney.

Reunion is certainly not the cheapest of the resorts offering luxury rental homes in the Disney area, but it is without doubt the most luxurious spot that is favoured by sports stars, TV personalities and discerning guests.

While we are far from being celebrities, we quickly realised that the large ticket prices for a week on Reunion also came with a lot of luxury and a lot of bed space.  Pick the right home as we did on our first visit and you can take instant babysitters for an unforgettable Disney adventure too!  Having a little extra help on vacation can make a huge difference to taking younger kids to Orlando, and even just an occasional meal together without managing the little darlings can be a welcome event!  Of course, if you are like us, you always end up spending the entire evening talking fondly about their best moments on vacation!
With a few extra adults helping towards the cost of our first Reunion Resort vacation home, we went crazy and splashed out on one of the very cool pool homes on the highly regarded Muirfield Loop that entwines itself around the back 9 holes of the Nicklaus course.
Our vacations have been at Reunion ever since and we are hooked.

Our Reunion Resort villa has changed the way we visit Orlando!

Now that might seem a bit of  cliche, but it is absolutely true.
While we are absolute theme park nuts, our family takes things a little slower since we started visiting Reunion.
The best way we can describe this is by spelling vaaaaacaaaaaation.
We definitely relax a lot more than our friends who go for the resort hotels.
With a luxury pool by on your doorstep, a comfortable family living area with a large gourmet kitchen and lots of private bedroom space, the home definitely becomes a part of your vacation planning.  No ‘rushing to get ready’ to get out of the so called luxury hotel suite.

Keating - Lanai   Pool Deck 2We’ve also slowed right down to include a few more pool days than we originally did during our earlier vacations.  I don’t know if it’s a kind of ‘don’t waste vacation time’ kind of thing, but those early days were frantic, with no breaks in between park days.
Although we were having a ton of fun, we were literally exhausted by the time we made it back to work!
Now we don’t feel guilty, we are still having fun, dining out by the pool, enjoying a delicious BBQ and spending some quality time together as a family, before they all grow up and move on to University!

We’ve also noticed that we plan more days as ‘half days’ than we used to.
Maybe head to Downtown Disney or the Florida mall for a half day, then take lunch at Reunion Resort’s Clubhouse, before returning back home to the villa for an afternoon by the pool.

We loved the place that it quickly became an obsession that went on to inspire our Orlando travel guide along with its luxury orlando vacation homes section that has ended up being the focus of our team.  We hope you join us one day soon and also get the chance to fall in love with the most luxurious place near Disney!

Sarah Maw – Researcher for Totalorlando.com