Video courtesy of taken on the debut evening October 15th 2013.


Admittedly we weren’t there in person to witness Fantasmic’s debut of the Glow with the Show mouse ears, but can’t wait to experience the synchronized audio visual effects that take the light show of the amazingly popular Fantasmic spectacle right into the crowd.

The banked seated areas effectively become a sea of color as each pair of mouse ears atop of the thousands of Disney Guest’s heads, pulse, flicker and glow in colors of the show.

Introduced at several parks already, Fantasmic was the debut event for Walt Disney World, with others to follow soon.

The show appears to have proceeded successfully, no doubt following relentless testing in the recent months as the imagineers fine tuned the Infra Red signalling system that drives the ears around the zones of the auditorium.

Whether the effects have been tuned enough, remains to be seen as the various videos that we’ve watched of the debut, don’t quite live up to the expectations that Disneyland’s ‘World of Color‘ seems to create over in California.

While we were far from disappointed by the Glow with the Show ears at Fantasmic, we definitely think that Disney will have some more work to do before they get the real ‘wow factor’ at Hollywood Studios most popular show!

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