Universal Halloween Horror Nights Announce First House

It is that time of year again when Universal have all the Halloween Horror Night fans’ psyched up for their latest announcements!  Which haunted houses will they have this year? Who will be awaiting in the scare zones? We all sit patiently anticipating the announcement of each tiny bit of news!

And what news it was!  We couldn’t be more excited, that the American Horror Story House will be returning for it’s second year.   I guess it couldn’t not reappear after last years huge success!

We are hoping and praying for as much authenticity as last year, we felt like we were actually on set, the props and the actors were simply that good!

1st House American Horror Story

The American Horror Story will be returning after last years debut, where it was a firm favorite with fans. The house will include new themes from that of last year, consisting of:

Season 2: Asylum

Guests will come face to face with Dr. Arden’s human ‘Rasper’ and the serial killer Bloody Face in their journey through the decades of Briarcliff.

Season 3: Coven

The second part of the venture takes guests right to Madame Delphine LaLaurie the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, along with the descendants of Salem witches.

Season 6: Roanoke

Finally guests will be thrust into the world of the Millers where Piggy Man will be in wait, along with the Polk family and the ghosts of blood moon.

We had the privilege of visiting the American Horror Story house last year and it was by far the best house, in our opinion. We can’t wait to see what awaits us this year! We are almost wishing the summer over!

Don’t worry if you aren’t in town right on Halloween, the 27th annual event will run on select nights from 15th September through to the 4th November!


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