If you’ve not yet had chance to visit Busch Gardens over in the Tampa Bay area, we could thoroughly recommend making the 55 minute car journey or the official coach journey from Kissimmee during your next Orlando vacation.

Not only is Busch home to many of the USA’s most popular roller coasters, but the sheer beauty and quality of this very well managed theme park kind of sets it in a different league to the very corporate parks in and around Orlando.
Busch Gardens is certainly no state fair kind of thing, the quality is up there with the best and the investment in top level thrill rides is literally breath taking.
Sure, there’s no ‘Magic Kingdom’ Parade or Cinderella Castle, but the beauty of this once ‘private animal reserve’ and parkland garden is a sight to behold.

The very natural themed animal reserves almost certainly set the Animal Kingdom imagineers a challenge to beat, and for us, Busch seems to have a much more relaxed atmosphere and welcoming ambience that the busier parks of Orlando rarely seem to be able to match.

As May approaches though, a brand new thrill ride is being loaded into place and a description by us, might leave you thinking; “yeah, we’ve been on stuff like that before”.
Hold on!  You’d be wrong, this is something like no other attraction in Orlando, this is rather like a totally re-imagined Dr Doom’s Fearfall taken to a whole new level.
Buckle up and scream like a little girl!