Falcon's Fury Busch Gardens

Busch Garden’s Falcon Fury looks set to be on track for a Spring debut over at one of our favorite parks in 2014.

Sections of the huge ‘rise and fall’ ride arrived on 9 low load vehicles at the Tampa area theme park this week. (Note: As America’s tallest standing drop tower, think Dr Doom’s Fearfall on adrenalin!)
The 335ft tall ride is set to be one of the most extreme attractions in Central Florida thanks to its rather unforgiving forward facing ride position that plunges passengers to the floor in excess of 60mph!

The Timbuktu area of this beautifully themed roller coaster and animal park is about to become a very busy place as guests line up to test their nerves against this monumental steel beast!  Guests that hate fast spinning rides will be delighted that Falcon’s Fury takes the place of the gut wrenching Sandstorm ride which ran for the last time on June 3rd 2013.

For more details of Falcon’s Fury, please visit our main website review of the ride here.