10155736_10152319965365239_427534856714263159_nGood progress on Falcon’s Fury just hasn’t been enough to bring the 300ft drop tower into life for its May 1st planned opening.
Over Good Friday 2014, Busch announced on their Facebook Page that Falcon’s Fury would in fact not open as scheduled.

No reason other than ‘ongoing construction’ was cited for the delay, but riders that had ‘won’ preferred entry to the first ‘drops’ of the Falcon’s Fury ride will have to wait a little longer before they can enjoy this ambitious project at Busch Gardens Tampa.

The award winning manufacturer Intamin has not announced a cause of the delay, but our suspicions are that the ride should be up and running towards the end of May at the latest.

Falcon’s Fury takes 32 seated riders to a staggering height of 310ft before dropping them at an ‘eye watering’ 60mph in a face forward position before tilting the riders upright for a 3.5g slowdown.
Once opened, the Falcon’s Fury tower looks set to be a huge attraction for the park’s loyal adventure ride fans!