10155736_10152319965365239_427534856714263159_nBusch Gardens never fails to make us happy whenever we visit.
For sheer thrills, this beautiful theme park over towards Tampa is well worth taking the 50 minute drive across the I-4.
As you might expect, the stunning landscaping of the gardens is a major draw for this popular park’ve guests, who can admire them continuously as they make their way between the award winning attractions.
Soon we will however be able to admire the sub tropical beauty of Busch Gardens from an entirely different perspective, if only for a few brief and rather adrenalin fuelled moments on Falcon’s Fury.

From atop of the 300ft tower, 32 very nervous passengers will pause momentarily as they rest in a face forward position, staring to the tiny figures of their families below.  From this vantage point, we would imaging that the detailed topiaries will look stunning and much admired by the brave riders (not!).
As the ride section releases, the riders will hurtle downwards at speeds of up to 60mph, before the forward facing seats rotate vertically as they near ground level.
For the faint hearted? No!  Falcon’s Fury looks set to become one of the most extreme additions to the Central Floridian thrill ride collection!

Tech Issues

The great thing about modern attractions is that they are as safe as possible.
For whatever reason, the attraction’s manufacturer has experienced some technical issues that have delayed the intended launch on May 1st.
From what we understand right now, the matter is being resolved and Busch have announced that the ride will open ‘later in the summer’.

When will Falcon’s Fury Open?

Second guessing the opening date for Falcon’s Fury isn’t going to be an easy task, as we tend to suspect that Busch Gardens themselves aren’t too clear on that as new components are manufactured and fitted to the drop tower that was due to grand open on May 1st 2014.

Going by the words used by Busch, ‘later in summer’ is probably a coded hint’ that plays heavily on the word ‘late’.
Despite the attraction looking as though all is just about ready, the Floridian attraction industry is renowned for its excellent safety record, and we at totalorlando are quite happy to let the tech guys do their thing and deliver us a wonderful new thrill ride some time in July or August!

For full details of this amazing ride, please visit our Busch Gardens Theme Park Guide.