Originally due to open, the colossal Falcon’s Fury is running slightly behind schedule.
This of course means many things;

  • Someone at Busch Gardens is under a lot of pressure
  • The attraction won’t debut as planned on May 1st
  • Lots of underwear won’t need cleaning on Thursday!

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesBusch released a POV video today (Point of View) and at first glance, the whole thing looks kind of leisurely and relaxed from a ‘camera eye view’ attached to the base of the ride seating.
After a brief chat in the office, we rapidly came to a number of conclusions, and all agreed that this is classic camera trickery to fool you into getting on board!
With a very wide angle lens, the camera actually gives the impression that the seats are floating down gracefully, rather like a handkerchief fluttering down from an office block!
Don’t be deceived, this thing hurtles its ‘face forward’ guests at 60 mph to good old terra firma with a 3.5g deceleration that will make your eyeballs wish they has been glued into their sockets!

Oh yes, believe us, the video above is all trickery of the highest and most devious order!
(We can’t wait!)