Soarin Concept ArtAlmost a year ago, we predicted that Soarin would have to increase capacity if rumoured upgrades to the movie footage took place.
Already at 60 minutes plus on most days, Soarin is a huge hit at Walt Disney World’s second most visited theme park.

With new footage rumoured to have been taken of Walt Disney World in the late Spring of 2014, something would have to be done to take the pressure off the aching legs of Soarin passengers as they await boarding of Flight 5505.  (5505 signifies the maiden flight of Soarin back on May 5th 2005!).

Now, a blog post by the very knowledgable Disney observer; Jeff Kober notes that preparation work has already commenced behind the Land Pavilion at Epcot.
When complete, the work will bring a third theatre to Soarin according to Kober, but as of now, Disney have yet to confirm the story.

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UPDATE July 10th 2014 hints that the ongoing construction preparations in the backstage area of Soarin may be a larger scale project that could add two, rather than just one new theatre.
Although no upgrade has been confirmed by Disney, with just currently two theatres, Soarin’s popularity is substantially higher than its capacity and the additional two theatres would make much more sense, especially if guests visit the attraction more often if rumours of brand new flyover scenes from around the world are introduced.
Currentyl, Soarin is based upon Californian scenes and we are hopeful that ‘Soarin around the World’ will add also some great opening or closing scenes of Walt Disney World as part of the upgrade.