IMG_5130I always smile as I walk past those tidy little Disney Vacation Club kiosks within Walt Disney World.  Nobody did a better job of cleaning up ‘time share’ than Disney!
Disney, truly did the impossible.
They turned around a product, so badly tarnished by less reputable businesses, and eliminated all of the power selling, entrapment and pressured escalation pitches that others abuse so badly.
If you think you’d hate time share, then seriously, think again.
Test my theory, and walk up to a kiosk next time you are in WDW and just see how easy it is to listen, learn and decide for yourself.  Disney has gone to tremendous lengths to take make this work for real people like you and I.

This week, we were pleased to learn, that the effort does not stop at the DVC sales points around the resorts and parks.  They’ve just completed a huge investment into a bright, relaxing, very futuristic and exclusive DVC member lounge at Walt Disney World’s Epcot.

Events, lounges and perks, just for DVC Members!

Disney’s Vacation Club is celebrating it’s 25th year and what a year it’s about to become. DVC Members have already enjoyed the complimentary “25th and Beyond Bash’’ in which the Magic Kingdom opened those magical gates solely for Disney Vacation Members on the evening of February 25th and March 3rd.
Other events have been organized throughout the year to celebrate the anniversary.
These include Disney Vacation Club Neighborhood Beach Bash at Typhoon Lagoon in the summer, Disney Vacation Club Safari Spectacular at Animal Kingdom in the fall and Merry Members Mixers in Epcot over the winter.

If unique opportunities aren’t enough to make you want to become a Disney Vacation Club Member, the opening of the new Member lounge based in Epcot might just do the trick! The exclusive private lounge is located in the Journey Into Imagination with Figment Pavilion at Epcot and is set to open to DVC members on June 6th 2016.

Epcot DVC Lounge Check-in

Total Orlando were lucky enough to get a sneak peak into the new lounge today ‘26th May 2016’ and discovered some amazing quick facts about the new DVC Lounge at Epcot;

  • In normal operation, the lounge will be open 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. daily
  • The lounge is on the second floor of the Imagination Pavilion
  • Access can be gained via stairs or elevator from the ground floor area
  • 100 person capacity
  • Complimentary Keurig drinks
  • Complimentary soda
  • Work stations
  • WiFi
  • Charging points
  • Disney Infinity Consoles

A quick look at the Disney Vacation Club Lounge in Pictures


Upon entrance to the lounge guests are greeted by a huge open space filled with various restful seating areas and panoramic views of the park.

Epcot Spaceship Earth DVC Lounge

DVC guests will be intrigued by the huge center piece in the heart of the new DVC lounge.
It’s undoubtedly going to feature, along with Spaceship Earth in a record number of Selfies in 2016 and beyond!
As I took in the ambiance of the lounge, I could not help wonder what Walt would have made about the thrilling views being used by countless people with their mobile phones!
I suspect that the world’s most successful story teller would be impressed.

Disney Vacation Club Centre Piece Epcot

The first port of call for guests is the expansive circular guest services desk, which is manned during operating hours by Disney Cast Members. The Cast Members will be available to help with schedule changes, dining plans, fast pass, future reservations, you name it and they can do it. There will also be a member from RCI located here at all times to help with international travel.

Epcot DVC Lounge Welcome Desk

If you are visiting to simply relax there are a number of seating areas to do just that!

Some very colorful and very comfortable low-seated chairs located around low circular tables. All the tables have iPads for guests to use at their convenience.



Around the outside of the room there are numerous curved seating areas, again very colorful and comfortable, with small low level tables placed strategically along the curve.

Epcot DVC Lounge Curved Seating

Now the best seats are the really low chairs that have a wide bottom that appears to fit with your body shape perfectly! There are tables located here, but no Ipads, this is probably the ideal place to take a nap and recharge!

DVC Lounge Armchairs Epcot

Higher seating areas with solid chairs again complete with Ipads. Not so comfortable to relax but ideal to sit and do a little work.

Epcot DVC Lounge Work Stations

Towards the back of the room at the right hand side are two apple macs complete with printer, they really have thought of everything! You can even print your boarding cards here!

DVC Lounge Epcot Mac Computer

Complimentary beverages include coffee and cold drinks. There are currently offering hot and cold beverages. There is one Keurig coffee machine located right next to three complimentary Freestyle Soda Dispensers.

Freestyle Coke Machines Epcot

Two Disney Infinity consoles. (For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is a fun gaming system using collectible figurines that can be synchronized with the game).

DVC Epcot Infinity Consoles

Whilst we think the whole area is well thought out, our favorite area is the kid’s corner, we absolutely love this very thoughtful touch. Whilst the parents recharge their electronic devices and (tolerance levels), the kids can unwind and watch TV. The area has an abundance of really soft comfortable seating and the TV plays non-stop Disney movies. If you thought the problem was going to be how to get your kids into a lounge whilst in the most magical place on earth, think again, it might actually be how to get them back out!

DVC Kids' Lounge Epcot

When it opens in June, we guess that DVC Members can probably get a chance to sit back and admire their next vacation options on a large wall mounted flat screen TV.  After all, the best time to plan your next DVC stay is right away!

DVC TV Lounge Epcot

The lounge holds around 100 members.   However, in busier periods they have come up with a few ideas to help the flow of guests. They intend on having a waiting list if the lounge is full. Guests will be given an allocated slot into which return, if guests have a U.S. cell they have the ability to text you also. Another solution during busier periods is to limit visits to 45 minutes. Depending on how long the wait time is the staff will direct guests on how they can spend their time until they can return.

Disney Vacation Club Members are allowed to bring guests into the lounge with them who are not members. They are typically allowed around 4 – 5 guests.

There are no immediate plans to open more lounges throughout the parks, however, that could change. Disney really don’t know at this point just how popular this lounge is going to be!
After relaxing here, with spectacular views over Innoventions West, I think it’s going to be a hit!

Disney Vacation Club could not have stated more clearly that their true aim is to make their members feel special and valued, we feel that the introduction of this new lounge adds great weight to that statement!

Find out more about Disney Vacation Club at the official Disney Vacation Club site!