If the latest Epcot Maelstrom and Frozen Ride theme park rumours are true, and indeed they are looking very increasingly likely, those that are visiting Epcot in 2014 might want to make a recording of those chilling Norsk words;

“You are not the first to pass this way……nor will you be the last”.

Because, rather ironically, we are growingly convinced that you will indeed be the last!


The Maelstrom/Frozen rumours this week go something like this:
From January 2015, Maelstrom could close to be repurposed over 18 months of closure as a frozen themed attraction based upon the same ride concept.

We’ve hear talk about this for some now and have avoided joining in, due mainly to the low quality sources that have hinted at this, but to be honest, the latest rumours stem from observers that have a high reputation for getting these kind of things right, and their own source origin is none other than a Walt Disney Animation Director, George Scribner.
(Who is probably in a lot of hot water right now for this little icy leak!)

Some ideas are floating around that the cinema area at the end of the ride will be used in the line wait area for the new attraction, but we ourselves have not heard that to be a certainty.  It does make sense however, and gives guests a chance to head straight to the gift shop instead of bolting straight for the door as most currently do on Maelstrom!

If, this is all true, we will be genuinely disappointed.
Maelstrom was no big deal, no thrill ride, but offered a nice break and some hauntingly atmospheric scenes and music as you floated around the western reaches of Scandinavia.
The quaint attraction has survived since July 5th 1988 and offers only one of two ‘rides’ in the World Showcase.  An 18 month ride closure is not the kind of thing that Epcot needs right now as it faces increasing criticism to offer more.

At totalorlando, we become more and more convinced that Disney are definitely panicking over the success of Frozen and how to monopolize that popularity inside Walt Disney World.
With this latest rumour news, we envisage that the walkways of the Norway area of Epcot are going to become swarmed with guests and Frozen fans that are desperate to ride the new version of a 26 year old attraction.

Nothing is certain of course, but we are definitely suggesting you should head to Epcot quickly if you want to be guaranteed one more ride on Maelstrom!
All of this of course is a far far cry away from our fantasy post of last week that dreamed that Disney might one day make a fifth theme park at Walt Disney World based on Frozen.
As we mentioned in that unashamedly crazy post, we know for certain that it was too ambitious for Disney, but never for one minute would Universal have skipped by the chance to add such a huge project to their portfolio!

Wow Disney, come on!  You are the leaders in this game!