Will The UK Telephone Boxes Become Dr Who Tardis’ Some Day?

As the fifth most popular theme park in the World, and currently the second most popular in Walt Disney World, EPCOT does indeed stand out as one of the must see attractions for Orlando visitors.
Sometimes difficult to describe, and beautifully designed, it’s ‘kind of’ a theme park, but ‘kind of’ a ‘walking world cruise!’.

Charm it has aplenty, fabulous food abounds, and huge, it certainly is!

Even the name offers some unofficial clues about its enormity!
Every Person Comes Out Tired!

It’s cleverly laid out, and almost consists of two theme park areas; Future World, and the World Showcase.
The best way to think of Future World, is a very discrete, but wonderful attractions area, with an emphasis on fun, and learning.  Don’t panic though, the fun is the winner in that equation and the learning part is light and memorable, making it a perfect place for curious kids and adults to spend a lot of quality time together!

The World Showcase is the ‘world cruise on foot’ element.
A beautiful 1.2 mile walkway, around the World Showcase Lagoon takes you to 11 stunning nations, that have been painstakingly recreated with assistance from the host countries governments and businesses.

All 11 countries offer wonderful shops, restaurants and architecture that transport you and your family instantly into a realistic landscape, supported by authentic music, live performances for a truly spectacular ambience.

Going Clockwise; (Visit Our Epcot Park Guide For More Information)

  • Mexico Mexico
  • Norway Norway
  • China China
  • Germany Germany
  • Italy Italy
  • United States United States
  • Japan Japan
  • Morocco Morocco
  • France France
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Canada Canada


But there’s controversy about Epcot!

As of October 5th, Disney made history, as one of the few rides at Epcot closed its doors after a 26 year presence as one of the most popular attractions.
Disney always get a backlash whenever they close an attraction, but this time, Disney park fans and bloggers really reacted to a bigger concern!  Article from Screamscape
Frozen is set to replace Norway’s Maelstrom ride, some time in 2016 and so begins a change of direction at EPCOT, that goes against the tide for fans of this charming theme park.

Up until now, the World Showcase, was just that.  A showcase to the World!

Each country’s pavilion offered a realistic and carefully produced insight into every nation’s culture, landscape and history, making it an opportunity to sample a ‘Disney version’ of the very best of the world around us.
Norway it seems, is going to be the ‘odd one out’ as Disney desperately scramble to cash in on the enormous popularity of their Blockbuster Frozen movie.
It’s not clear, if Norway is an isolated example, or if more of the World Showcase Pavilions will also give way to themed attractions like Frozen, but we’ve seen rumours about a Ratatouille ride heading to Epcot’s France Pavilion in the past.

Our Opinion About Epcot’s Future

We definitely love the idea of visiting the world in a day at Epcot, and we will definitely miss the delightful Peer Gynt music on the Maelstrom attraction, but, we’ve also recognized for a long time now, that our theme parks can’t be held in suspended animation forevermore.
Times are changing, and Disney have to fill some gaps at Epcot for younger kids, so change is inevitable and essential.

We’re going to put our faith in Disney, and can’t wait to ride the new Frozen attraction!


Feeling Nostalgic about Maelstrom?  A Maelstrom Margarita Will Help!

Head to La Cava Del Tequila inside Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion, just a hundred yards away from where the Maelstrom attraction once sloshed about.
For a limited time, the beautiful Tequila and Tapas bar is serving a special tribute to the ride, and includes Ambhar Tequila Blanco, mango puree, orange liquor, agave nectar, blue berries, habenero peppers, basil, and Tajin chilli powder on the rim.

Sounds like it has nothing whatsoever to do with Norway, but it sounds pretty amazing to us!