Soarin Concept ArtEver tried to get a standby ride on Soarin?
We bet you waited more than an hour in most cases!

Rumours of the current ‘Soarin over California’ footage being replaced by ‘Soarin around the World’ gathered pace over the last year or so and now it looks like Disney are adding more capacity for one reason or another, according to

While Disney appear to have turned a bling eye to lengthy line waits for some years, the added interest that a new video sequence would create must have tipped the Disney execs over the edge, forcing them to finally invest in what has generally become a hugely popular attraction at WDW.  Soarin over California is great, but it would be really cool to float effortlessly though the air over some new terrain!  After all, Epcot’s version has been open now for almost 10 years!

While preparation has indeed been under way for some months now, as a space is cleared behind the existing attraction, Disney has been playing the ‘silent game’ over the construction work.  Now however, official building consent has been applied for code name ‘project 87’.
If that doesn’t mean anything to you, one notable fact about Soarin, is that each theater holds 87 guests at a time over the IMAX wonders that unfold below.
If you feel that the connection is a little tenuous, then maybe also bear in mind that the Flight Number is 5505.  Avid Disney Trivia fans will probably know that’s the opening date of the original Epcot version on My 5th 2005!

Unfortunately you will need to be patient though, as we aren’t expecting to see this upgrade to the movie scene or added capacity until the summer of 2017!!!!!
Disney, never seems to be in a hurry when it comes to theme park development and Soarin’s update has little bit of turbulence to deal with in the name of the ‘Norway Frozen Attraction’ which is also currently under way in place of the former Maelstrom ride.
Also note, that around 2017, we will also get a new aerial simulator ride over at the Animal Kingdom’s Pandora: The Land of Avatar.

As we know, Epcot’s headline attractions are a little thin on the ground, and Disney aren’t going to take Soarin offline until the new Frozen attraction is ready (expect December 2015).  Once that Frozen attraction is nicely settled in and ‘warmed up’, Soarin will close for an anticipated 6 months to upgrade the Digital projection system and add in that much needed third theatre.

While the welcome new attractions will be much appreciated, at least Soarin fans, unlike the Maelstrom fans, have some time to prepare before the attraction closes for the refurb!

We will bring further Epcot news as soon as we hear more!

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