Flag_of_Puerto_Rico.svgOn numerous occasions, Brazil had been rumoured to be heading to Epcot’s World Showcase.  The Fifa World Cup 2014, with its huge global reach would have been the perfect opportunity for sponsors to step forward with a deal to bring a little bit of South American magic to partner up with the current Mexico Pavilion.

Sadly, the soccer event slipped by, and probably too, the dreams of many.
Brazilian tourists are indeed reaching Orlando in unprecedented numbers over the recent years, and have even ousted Brits from the non North American top spot in terms of visitor count!

Today, we read in that Puerto Rico’s (Spanish Speaking) Metro Newspaper is claiming that a group of Puerto Rican businesses are planning to sponsor a Pavilion at Epcot.

It makes a lot of sense all round, thanks to the huge cultural ties between Florida’s native Spanish speaking residents and the beautiful Caribbean Island that’s just under 3 hours away from Orlando International Airport.  (Puerto Rico on Wikipedia)

Unconfirmed by Disney, this exciting new pavilion, could be the beginning of a growing development of Epcot if the rumours do turn true.
Currently, there’s nothing in the development pipeline for Walt Disney World’s second most popular theme park other than the controversial loss of Norway’s Maelstrom attraction in October 2014.
Maelstrom will become a ‘Frozen’ themed attraction with an unconfirmed expected opening in 2016.