Behind all of those big Walt Disney World headline enhancements that are dominated by the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland and Test Track updates, the Disney machine keep churning away with new ways to bring dollars and happy guests into the parks!

Some of the biggest changes are to the much criticised park restaurants, such as the main street bakery, now about to be franchised to Starbucks during the summer of 2013.

Although Disney receives a lot of negative comments about food in general, nobody would likely criticise the quality or variety that’s offered by Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival!  The miles of walkways around the World Showcase, play host to dozens of small plate dishes from around the world and the prices are much more at the affordable end of expensive.

But now, it seems that Disney might be thinking about lending a hand to the Festival’s food lovers in the form of a pre-paid coupon or card system, with the potential of discounted food and drink purchases during a visit to Epcot.