As of today (Wednesday December 18th 2013), Disney begin their first steps to finally closing down the old Fastpass system that has served Walt Disney World guests so well for 14 years.

Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando will become the first park to offer regular guests that aren’t staying on Disney property, a chance to access the Fastpass+ system.
Fastpass+ is the electronic version of the ‘old’ Fastpass priority line jump system that is free to all park guests.  Up until now, the Fastpass+ system has only been available to resort accommodation guests using Magicbands.
Keen to roll out the much delayed MyMagic+ system that includes room door opening, on resort purchases and Fastpass+, Disney are working hard to regain ground on this huge $1.5b project.

Regular guests with ‘Magic Your Way’ tickets will kick off the trial and if all goes as planned, we can expect to see all of those iconic ‘clunky’ looking Fastpass ticket dispensers disappearing from the parks very quickly.
Guests initially won’t get Magicbands, but will initially be able to use their card tickets to access Fastpass+ on a limited basis at any of the new MyMagic+ kiosks around the park.
Further down the field, regular park guests will also be offered the option to ‘book’ a Fastpass+ online in advance in the same way that Resort guests are currently able to do.

Many observers feel that Disney are taking a big risk testing out the new system right in the middle of the year’s busiest holiday season, potentially exposing guests to confusing new systems and long waits over at guest relations.
From what we have seen ourselves, we anticipate that Disney will be very well prepared this time and a high level of guest support will be offered in the regular guest relations areas and in the vicinity of those brand new MyMagic+ kiosks.