Princess Elena of Avalor


Today, I fell in love again.

Not just with the newly crowned Disney Princess, but with Disney.
More on that later!


A new Disney Princess for the people.

The latest addition to the Walt Disney World Disney Princess line up is a touch of genius by Walt Disney World.  Elena is the very first Latina princess for Disney, and she has already been building an intense popularity with a hugely influential portion of the USA population.
With 55 million Hispanics, or in fact 17% of the 2014 USA census, it’s not hard to see why Disney have taken so much care to create an adorably entertaining series on the Disney Channel.
Bringing that character to life at Walt Disney World has taken over 8 months of planning and collaboration between the Disney Channel and Walt Disney World Parks team.
Getting the costume right, the songs, phrases and actions, certainly didn’t happen by chance, and as I discovered today, that perfectionism truly paid off for all.
Not bad for a new Disney character that only first aired on TV just a few weeks ago!



Elena of Avalor is in every girl’s heart!

Watchable is an understatement.
First released on the Disney Channel on July 22nd 2016, this high quality 30 minute TV series is making a lot of friends across the USA.  Most importantly, the diverse cast of characters, ensures that even the most stubborn of brothers can find a character to relate to with ease!  The escapism is true Disney magic at its best.


Emotions run deep and are the key to every Disney success story

The good over evil message is loud and clear, but so too is the subtle sharing of ideas on how growing kids need a little support from those they love from time to time.
Walt Disney loved storytelling, but his stories always seemed to work best when they took a light look at the challenges of life and the joy of success and ambition.
The Elena of Avalor team would be well thanked by Walt for their efforts.
I like to think of it as ‘real life fantasy’!


Social Media is literally influencing what we will see in a show!

I was fortunate to meet the Craig Gerber and Silvia Cardenas Olivas from the Disney Channel today and wanted to know more about the role that social media plays in the storylines of TV shows.
Both shared their enthusiasm for the invaluable and quick feedback that social media channels provide.
Effectively this means that popular characters or scenarios can receive more ‘air time’, based upon what we might say on Facebook!
Don’t ever underestimate your own constructive input!
Not only can you watch the show on your smart-phone, but you can shape future episodes too!
Watch Craig and Silvia as they explain the importance of social media;



Elena of Avalor Trailer



A quick interview with Jenna Ortega and her voice acting role as Princess Isabel


Why I fell in love with Disney again today!

OK, so it’s no secret, but I always loved Disney from my earliest memories watching BBC’s ‘Screen Test’ game show with Michael Rodd.  Contestants had to watch short excerpts of Disney movies and memorize carefully as the host asked excruciatingly difficult questions!
Throw in Mary Poppins as a first ever movie with Grandma and the magic is planted forever!
Today though, and by pure coincidence, Donald Trump and his campaign, visited Kissmmee, just minutes away from Walt Disney World.
With stories of ‘walls being built’, the US Latina population of 55 million must feel somewhat let down of late and in search of a champion.  Now they have one beautiful champion, that will constantly be on our screens and in our theme parks.
After seeing Elena at Walt Disney World, I began to realize that my British family’s many new Latina friends are not only loved by our family, but by Disney too.
I like that a lot, and I for one am glad that Season 2 was announced today!


Elena of Avalor Playing Guitar


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