Florida is blessed with a sub tropical climate and that brings with it heat and humidity!
Most of us can all relate to the weather being more uncomfortable in the damp humidity, but the totalorlando team wanted to know a little more about why the Florida weather seems so much warmer than anywhere else on earth!


With Florida temperatures often well into the 90s, the beautiful year round climate is a huge attraction for tourists looking to escape the chilly reality back home!
From time to time, just about any climate can combine a few conditions to create the odd ‘sticky’ and humid evening, where a night’s sleep is a battle with the elements and bed sheets!

With air-conditioning, man has designed a way around the sweaty problem.
Not only does the air temperature drop thanks to our ‘costly to run’ mechanical systems, but the moisture is effectively ‘scraped’ out of the air as it condenses on the cooling surfaces.
The result is win/win.
Air-con cools the air and removes the hidden water from the air in our homes.
When air-con isn’t available, a gentle breeze goes some way towards doing the same job, as the moving air, ‘wicks’ away moisture from the surface of your skin, acting effectively like a mini air-con system.
Outside of course we can’t effectively use air-con, and those refreshing breezes aren’t always guaranteed, so theme park operators resort to another cooling method, the fan!
Bolted firmly to the ceilings, the fans whir away in the line wait areas to momentarily recreate that missing breeze to steal away that moisture.
Remember:  If water leaves the surface of your body, it will always make you feel a little cooler!

High Humidity restricts moisture from leaving your body!

When the humidity is high, your body’s surface water has a tougher job releasing into the air!
When the air is already laden with invisible particles of water the water on your skin has less opportunity to break free.
(It can be easier to think of your sweat being trapped by a blanket of hot damp air)

What effect does Humidity have on the air temperature in Florida?

The air temperature on a humid 90F day is the same physical temperature as an arid (low humidity) 90F day.
It just feels worse on a humid day.
To find out a little more, the huge effects can be seen on this chart:
Orlando Heat Index Chart
From this, we can see that at 90F the effective temperature would be 132F if the humidity levels were 100%
For most people, that would be ok if you were just laid around, or comfortable in an air conditioned office or home.
If you were working hard outdoors or performing strenuous sporting activities you’d need to take extreme care!

Advice for theme park guests in high heat and humidity conditions

  1. Our advice generally is to research your vacation as best you can before you set off to Orlando. It makes the most of your time and money.  The more you know, the smoother things should go!
  2. Have an Itinerary for your time in Orlando. Try to pick which parks you want to visit, shopping trips, lazy days by the pool.
  3. Keep an eye on the weather channels and take note of temperatures and humidity
  4. If things look hot and sticky, that’s a perfect day to swap days around and hit the water parks, air conditioned shopping mall, or lazy day by the pool
  5. Always keep replacing that lost liquid.  Fresh water is better than soda
  6. Try not to stay out in exposed sunlit areas for more than a few minutes
  7. Mist sprays do work, they cause water to run off your skin which cools you.
  8. Read our article on avoiding dehydration!
  9. Read our article on sunscreen care!
  10. Do not drink alcohol in excess before a hot humid day in the parks!
  11. If you show any signs of excessive tiredness, stop, find a cool spot and seek medical attention immediately!

Avoiding the risk of heat exhaustion in Orlando

To put your mind at rest, you should be fine if you follow a sensible regime while on Vacation.
Millions of tourists have a vacation of a lifetime each year by ensuring that they drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks in air conditioned spaces and avoid excessive exertion, particularly on very hot and humid days.
If, like the totalorlando team, a few beers and cocktails are a key part of your vacation in Orlando, make sure that next morning, you rehydrate yourselves, and consider a park re-plan if you know you are under the weather.  Drinking alcohol probably dehydrates you more than any other activity, so please take care or your body may struggle to cope next day!

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