IMG_6876So much is going on, and quite frankly, needs to go on inside Hollywood Studios, that the rumor mill is currently hurtling around the parks faster than the 57mph Rock n Roller Coaster!

Now that the Sorcerer’s Hat is almost gone from the hub area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we turn our thoughts to the question; ‘why?’
Many with an interest in theme park politics have thought that Disney have agreed their differences to show the Chinese Theatre in marketing materials.
while we park fans have different hopes!
One possibility, and not unreasonable asumpiton is that something much bigger than a hat is on its way to Hollywood Studios.  That of course would be a new area based on Disney’s ‘newly’ acquired Star Wars brand.

We already know from previous press events, that Star Wars Land is indeed most likely to be on the map in some form, but Disney aren’t letting much out of the bag right now.
With the sound theatre practically unused, American Idol closed, the Sorcerer’s hat gone and a big expanse of unused space (Echo Lake) we can be sure to assume that this is all being coordinated as one project.  The only oddity in this whole scenario is that the Indiana Jone Stunt Spectacular is slap bang in the middle of the entire area, and rumored to hang around due to contractual commitments.

Echo Lake to be filled in from March 2015?

Commencing March 2015, Star Wars however could indeed be shaping up around Echo Lake if the rumors by WDW News Today are to be believed and Getie the Dinosaur could rapidly become extinct!
We have seen a few false starts from this generally reliable rumor source (like Shark Reef closing over Winter and it didn’t).

Our advice to guests heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this summer is simple and straightforward;