Why We Love SeaWorld

SeaWorld is one of the great famed theme parks in Orlando, and pretty reasonable too for a prime park in a prime location!  Guests love how versatile the theme park is, wether it is getting up close to the residents of SeaWorld or riding one of their world famous coasters.   The park literally appeals to all generations!  And it is just about to be even more tempting with the launch of the new River Rapid Ride!

South America comes to SeaWorld Orlando In The Form of a River Rapid Ride

SeaWorld’s newest attraction ‘Infinity Falls’ is set to open in the summer of 2018!  Cleverly designed to bring the rainforests of South America to life, by creating a jungle experience, promising to express the power of water.  The raft attraction has a vast water base of a whole 70% of the complete attraction and why not it is SeaWorld after all.

Infinity Falls2_1900w

Are You Ready To Plunge Down The World’s Tallest River Rapid Drop

After your journey through a peaceful jungle, in which guests will encounter the remains of civilization surrounded by serene waterfalls and fountains, guests will be elevated up via an actual elevator, prior to being plunged 40 feet down into a trench. The height restriction is only 42 inches, which is great news for those younger daring kids.

A Whole New Village

The actual attraction is the centre piece of a whole new village which will be home to native South American animals.  The rainforest canopy will feature interactive experiences that promise play and education to come together!  Something SeaWorld already do so well.

Lets hope it is as popular as ‘Atlantis’ SeaWorld’s only other water ride which opened in 1998, and is still as popular as that very day, almost 20 years later!