There’s no doubt about it, Disney Springs looks set to be one amazing destination for Orlando visitors once it is complete in 2016.
Bit’s and pieces will open up  gradually, including the newly confirmed Boathouse and Morimoto restaurants in the old Pleasure Island area.
In the meantime though, we would advise adding a good 30 minutes extra travelling time in non peak times, and maybe 60 minutes for busier times of the year or day.
Seriously, driving to DTD right now is dreadful, but, worth it if you are patient.

Access to the area has been turned upside down by lane closures, parking lot closures and the arrival of temporary parking lots, just to catch out previous visitors.
Thankfully, on November 20th the first multi level parking lot that’s located just behind the AMC Cinema, will open some floors to the public.
1700 of the total 4000 new parking spaces will be a very welcome addition, just in time for Thanksgiving week.

ParkingTips: Getting into Downtown Disney is still going to be a challenge though and our advice to travel well in advance of show times and dinner reservations is going to be around for some time, until the much needed new exit ramp from Interstate 4 is completed some time in the next year.
Stay well clear of (Exit 68) 535 during anything less than quiet times.

For now, guests would need a magic mountain of patience as they endure long lines of traffic entering DTD.
The best of a bad bunch of routes appears to be from I-4 (65 exit) then heading up World Drive and turning right onto Buena Vista Drive, but be warned, even that is still going to be busy!