A lovely sunny Leap Day was an irresistible opportunity to board the ‘Characters in Flight‘ balloon ride ($18 adults, $12 kids) over the ever changing landscape of the former Downtown Disney shopping and dining district at Walt Disney World.
Soon to be completed, the new ‘Disney Springs‘ area will be a super popular draw for locals and tourists alike.  New parking garages and off ramps from the I4 will feed a steady stream of cars into this completely reinvented and re-themed dreamworld for shoppers and food lovers.

What was once a ‘half day’ destination is almost inevitably going to turn into a fun and exciting full day stop for Disney fans.  No mistake from a tourism and branding leader like Disney.  They want you to stay in their hotels and encourage you to stay on their property for your entire visit to Central Florida!

When it opens in Spring of 2017, guests will be delighted by the fact that old favorites like Raglan Rd remain, but dozens of new shops and restaurants will also appear in a very masterfully designed expansion.  You won’t feel that it’s been added to.  It will almost seem as if everything is in a new place.  So far, it definitely doesn’t feel like ‘old meets new’.  It all seems to be heading down the route of feeling like a whole new area has been crafted from the very best that Downtown Disney had to offer!

From the shots above, you can see the Azure blue water course, that gives the ‘Springs’ it’s name, harking back to the turn of the Century, for a reminiscent blast to the past.
Most notably though, the beautiful shopping area, or ‘Town Centre’ is really taking shape.
Expect some great stores to be appearing here by your next visit!

Downtown Disney Springs is without doubt, going to impress!