Downtown Disney Parking Map

With much over a third of Downtown Disney’s main parking lot boarded off for construction of a new multi level parking lot (due to open in time for the 2014 holiday season), your next visit to Downtown Disney might need some extra planning and lots of patience!

Although Disney have thought of almost everything, including special parking across the street from DTD and courtesy shuttle services, DTD in theory should have almost as much parking as it did prior to work commencing.
Construction traffic is also kept to a minimum, thanks to Disney’s scheduling of materials and supplies during the night wherever possible.
The problem is however, that the temporary parking is scattered around all over the DTD area of Buena Vista Drive.
If you know the area well, and you are aware of the location of the new parking lots you are fine, but for the rest of us, Buena Vista Dr, complete with traffic signals and lanes, visitors will have a very tough time during the busy periods over the coming holidays.

Disney have already witnessed unexpected disruption to WDW recently.
During the ‘Unleash the Villains” one day event, the highways of WDW practically ground to a halt as guests crammed into Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  Parked cars equals lost revenues and Disney will be will be working hard not to let the transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs turn out to be a board room embarrassment.

Halloween, will give us a taster of the mayhem that will certainly blight this popular dining and shopping location over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, and Disney are very keen to advise guests of ways to avoid being caught up in traffic.
The problem is, that the reliance on courtesy shuttle coaches seems a bit flawed, as we predict the area becoming gridlocked with confused drivers in the wrong places and wrong lanes, desperately trying to decide where to park.

We don’t claim to know something that Disney haven’t yet considered, they will have considered all possible opportunities, but there’s just no escaping that their quest to make Disney Springs into an amazing experience is going to hurt them and us dearly over the next year or two!


Disney’s Own Downtown Disney Parking Tips

  • On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays use the Suntrust and Disney Casting Parking Lots which are located across the street from the East side’s Marketplace area and walk across the Buena Vista Dr using the safe pedestrian areas
  • Use the Team Disney parking lot and either walk across Buena Vista Dr or take the courtesy shuttle to DTD.  (Walking will be hotter, but faster at about 5 minutes!)
  • Park in the parking lots near Entrance 5 if you can get to DTD before the Cirque du Soleil guests arrive (aim to get there before 5pm)

Our Advice about parking at Downtown Disney during busy times

  • Visit the Animal Kingdom during the day and leave your car there to enjoy a courtesy shuttle service to Downtown Disney (only operates from 3pm until 1am).
  • Avoid evenings if you can during peak periods
  • Avoid weekends if you can during peak periods
  • Plan an additional hour to travel if you have dining or entertainment reservations