No Disney Springs Apple Store announced as of Aug 3rd 2016!

According to the very reliable Screamscape, part of the new makeover of Downtown Disney that is currently underway will include what looks set to be the world’s largest Apple store.
As the retail, entertainment and restaurant quarter of Walt Disney World transforms into Disney Springs, we can expect a lot of upheaval and significant developments in the next few years before the final brick is set on this huge remodelling investment.

With 420 physical Apple stores in 14 countries at the time of this post, contributing a combined revenue of $16bn, the current largest outlet is located in Amsterdam.
No precise details of the Disney Springs store are yet available, but there’s no doubt that the popular brand looks set to be one of the area’s key ‘anchor stores’ when it opens some time  in 2016.

We will keep you posted as more information about the Downtown Disney Apple Store becomes available as work progresses on the Disney Springs project at Walt Disney World Orlando.