Florida Driving & Texting Banned and about time too!

There were just over a quarter of a million motoring accidents on Florida’s highways throughout 2012, but amazingly only 196 were reported as occurring while a text was being sent or read!  Believe that?  No, nor do we!

Despite studies that demonstrate that texting is more dangerous than drink driving, US drivers can’t seem to put their cell phones down, even on the busiest stretches of the State’s roads.  Regular visitors to Orlando will often cite seeing drivers whizzing past on the I-4 at 60mph eyes fixed firmly on their touch screens.

The news is kind of mixed, but Rick Scott, the man that recently overturned the stupid International Driving Permit Law for non US citizens, has finally signed of the bill to ban texting while driving after a 5 year battle!

The bad news?  Although Florida Driving & Texting is Banned, the law is only a secondary offence, meaning, that it can’t be enforced unless another offence was committed first, such as careless driving or speeding!
Worse still, the fine is a mere $30!

With both of those startling facts in mind, the portion of the quarter of a million crash drivers that didn’t own up to texting, look very unlikely to take notice of a law that costs little more than a family snack at KFC if they ever are faced with the very unlikely chance of ever being caught!

What another own goal by Florida lawmakers!

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