Themed Kids Bedroom

Whether your home is for your own family’s use or an important investment home, it has to be near perfect for those all important vacation times!
Being average simply does not ‘cut it’ in the competitive vacation rental market.
But a well equipped home with fresh, modern decor, accents and furnishing is going to serve you well for many, many years!

Essential Features for ALL Homes

  • Bright, modern decor with warm neutral tones!
    Stylish colors are great of course, if you can afford to revise every 2 or 3 years!
    Stay safe with that modern, cosy ambiance.
  • Immaculately maintained.
    Retouch any marked walls and woodwork, clean carpets, tiles and grout.
  • Good high speed WiFi and cable TV.
    Check the area’s Internet quality if you want guests to enjoy SMART TVs etc.
  • Well maintained and reliable AC systems.  (2 zones is helpful)
    AC Failures are some of the most frequent guest complaints!
    Make sure the systems are in good shape before you buy and are serviced well monthly.
  • Good, reliable kitchen appliances, preferably with cold water/ice dispenser.
  • Clean furniture.  No stains.
  • Ceiling fans in bedrooms that are free from wobbles and noises.
  • Bathrooms without stains and discoloration!  (Say no more!)
  • A Pool that is big enough to let kids play safely in.
  • People love hot tubs!
  • A pool safety fence and an audible pool alarm.
    It’s a legal requirement to have one or another, but both offer added safety for families with very young or adventurous kids.
    Audible alarms help prevent people from overloading your AC system with open doors!
  • Comfortable, clean sun beds and patio dining furniture to match the available space or reasonable number of guests.
  • Some sort of games area (with AC).
    There’s a significant advantage in getting great occupancy.
  • A Gas BBQ, either built in with natural gas, or free standing with propane.
    Ensure that it is always kept clean!
  • Adequate silverware, dinnerware, cookware and utensils!

Essential Features For Larger, High Spec Homes!

  • Multiple gathering areas for guests to socialize and relax in different groups (kids and adults etc)
  • Duplicate kitchen appliances to cope with higher guest counts.
  • Professional home theaters for Netflix, gaming etc
  • High spec games rooms attract higher rental rates and more bookings
  • Themed kids’ rooms are a big winner for rentals
  • Summer kitchens with outdoor BBQs, sink, granite bar and refrigerator.
  • Hi spec pool areas with sun shelves, pool side bars etc

Final Guidance on What to Add to your Essential Features List!

Some of our suggested features are extravagant, others might not fit into your budget, or the home space.
Our point is, that the listed features are important attractors for guests searching for homes to book.
If they find a home that offers more, and is maybe a fraction more expensive, that home will book before yours.
People ask less about price, when the home is perfect and is short on competition.

Command the rental market by giving your guests the best possible experience, and keep working on ideas to improve the home month by month.
Cover that, and you will have a very profitable ownership experience!

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