Grand Opening

The grand opening of Disney’s Vacation Clubs newest resort is set for July 17th 2017!
Copper Creek will be Disney Vacation Club’s 14th Resort.
Disney Vacation Members were first inline to purchase on March 8th, general sales opened from April 5th.

4. CCVC Waterfront Cabins Exterior Rendering

Walt Disney is Always Forefront in The Imagineers Minds

The theming is Pacific Northwest paying honor to Walt Disney’s zeal for trains!
This new resort sits perfectly with Boulder Ridge Villas and Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, they all thrust us into the bygone times of the National Parks during the time Walt was enthralled with the ‘railroads’.

Those of you who are familiar with Disney will know that every single time they  introduce something new (literally) there is always a story that goes with it, and of course this is no exception.
The Villas and Cabins design was inspired by the mining and railroad history of the Pacific Northwest.
Disney want the guests to actually feel like that the  accommodation has been there for hundreds of years and literally everything is made from natural materials that settlers would have found on site and used to build into everyday life.



Location!  Location!  Location!

Location is everything and this resort promises to please with a prime location, just around the river curve from the Magic Kingdom!
We can’t think of anywhere more magical to stay!
The views from the Waterfront Cabins are so spectacular it’s impossible to describe!  So we thought we would show you!

Media Event

Total Orlando attended a media event on the 19th April 2017!  We were lucky enough to be given a special sneak peek of the beautiful resort accommodations.  The accommodation is elegant and tranquil with a modern design that leaves out none of the home comforts.  Disney’s ‘Ken Potrock’, Senior Vice President and General Manger of Disney Vacation Club, described it proudly as ‘elegantly rustic’, we couldn’t think of a better way to put it ourselves.

Array of Accommodation Options

The accommodation options are by all means expansive offering more diversity than any other Disney Vacation Club resort we think this is a great move on Disney’s part and a much needed option.

  • Deluxe Studios
  • One and Two Bedroom Villas
  • Three Bedroom Grand Villas sleeping up to 12
  • 26 Luxurious Waterfront Cabins

Let’s Just Take a Minute To Mention Those Waterfront Cabins

The Waterfront Cabins are Pure Luxury offering home comforts but with the added beauty of the Wonders of the Wilderness, enough to impress any guest.
The cabins feature wall to ceiling windows, stone hearth fireplace that serves inside and outside and exposed wooden beams.  All the cabins have porches and built-in hot tubs.
From every angle in every single cabin, guests have a view from the ceiling to floor windows of the great outdoors!
Some of the cabins even offer views of the Electrical Water Pageant and the Magic Kingdoms Fireworks!
The cabins all have two bedrooms sleeping up to eight people along with, large dining space, large living space and two baths!

3. CCVC Waterfront Cabin Interior Rendering

Boulder Ridge Cove Pool

Due to open late summer is the Boulder Ridge Cove Pool, we managed to get a sneak peek from the sixth floor up.
Sorry, this is pretty irrelevant, but I am still quietly laughing away to myself.  A member of media who is a very good friend of mine seen fit to gloat about the fact that they were indeed in group 1 whilst I was group 2, group 1 is more impressive right?  Haha, it turned out that I had the last laugh!  When we met up after the tour, group 1 had actually had to climb 6 flights of stairs, whilst group 2 got to ride the elevator, now baring in mind we were dressed for a building site not the hot Florida sunshine, this was no easy feat!  It was my turn to gloat!
Anyhow onto the more relevant stuff.  The pool area is again amazingly themed as are the accommodations on that of the fictional settlement quarry, featuring cranes and boulder walls, we only wish it was complete to get the overall effect!

What Total Orlando Loved

Apart from everything!
As I walked back to my car past the guests splashing in the sunshine or simply sipping delicious cocktails, there were some things I just couldn’t get out of my mind:

  • The Astonishing Views Over The Lake
  • The Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace – What a Concept
  • The Theming – Yes I Know It’s Disney Folks
  • Location

Enjoy Delicious Food Whilst Overlooking Bay Lake

Geyser Point Interior

The new open air lounge ‘Geyser Point Bar and Grill’, shares the same stunning views as the Waterfront Cabins.  The distinctive menu features beautifully prepared dishes, which we happily sampled.

Shrimp On A Wire

Shrimp On A Wire



Brownie Mousse

Brownie Mousse


Cascadia Sangria


Quick Cost Look

  • Breakfast $ 4.69 – $ 9.99
  • Lunch $ 8.99 – $ 13.99
  • Dinner $ 8.99 – $ 13.99

Well The Kids Have Enjoyed Disney It’s Time For a Pamper

The Salon by the Springs offers poolside manicures and pedicures pure indulgence!  Scheduled to open this summer along with:

  • Sports Court
  • BBQ Pavillions
  • Refurbished Fire Pit
  • Movie Area

Disney Vacation Club

We are big supporters of Disney Vacation Club if you would like a little more information on how the Vacation Club operates please feel free to check out one of our previous blogs to learn more about the Disney Vacation Club.

Always Happy To Chat and Answer any Questions

On leaving the resort I passed the Disney Vacation Desk and happened to get chatting to the helpful young man working there.  Turns out he had lived in Peckham for some number of years and we spent a good five minutes chatting about Britain, (for those of you who aren’t aware we are Brits), you know the usual British stuff the weather, rugby, football etc!
I think what I am trying to put across is that don’t be afraid to speak to these guys, this isn’t timeshare, there is no hard sell, purely facts and information from a friendly helpful face, that could change your vacations for life!

2017-04-19 16.08.01

And that is what we adore about Disney!