Disney took the concept of ‘time share’ and cleaned it up to rid the concept of pressure sales and uncomfortable tie-ins.Welcome to the Disney Vacation Club, a vacation route to Disney Resorts and beyond!

Here’s a very brief introduction to one of the brightest ways to a great vacation but be warned, this is not an investment!
We love the idea of great vacations, but the initial outlay is huge and when it is all over, there’s nothing to pass on to your kids one day!

Is the Disney Vacation Club just Timeshare?

In a nutshell, yes!
Disney just did an amazing job of removing all of the time share nasties that evolved over the last 30 years and have wrapped it up into a very enjoyable to use package.
As with a regular time share, Disney Vacation Club guests pay and up front sum, plus an annual fee to spend an allotted amount of time in accommodations around the world.
Many of the accommodations are located on Disney property, but Disney have also provided some amazing non Disney destinations to enjoy as part of the program.
Once you are signed up, you are free to choose and book one of hundreds of locations for your next vacation.

How does the Disney Vacation Club work? (Fall 2013)

  • First of all you buy a ‘piece of real estate’ as an example costing $24,000.
  • This is a one time payment to join Disney’s Vacation Club for a lifetime,
  • Each year, an additional Annual Dues payment is required (Typically around $1000/year)
  • $1000/year buys you around 160 points
  • Your points may be used at 100s of annual vacation destinations world wide
  • You can take lots of mini breaks or larger vacations
  • You are free to choose upscale or budget locations
  • You can pay for additional points if required
  • You can save and borrow points for a special trip

What Disney Vacation Club Deals Can I get for 160 points?

Typically, 160 points will get you a week’s vacation for a family of four, depending of course on whether the accommodation is moderate, luxury or economy.
You can choose to spend a longer time at a lower budget resort, or shorter stays at upscale locations.
Just as with cash, the points gain you more out of season than during peak and holiday periods.

How flexible is the Disney Vacation Club?

The DVC offers outstanding levels of flexibility for guests that love varied vacations.
You can skip vacations, saving your points for another date, you can buy additional points for this or future years and choose from hundreds of Disney and selected non Disney properties around the globe.
Accommodations vary from family rooms, right up to luxury villas that sleep 12.

Disney Vacation Club destinations

Whether you want a Disney World Vacation, a trip to Hawaii, visit Europe, or head to the slopes of Colorado, you are free to use your points as you choose.

Disney Vacation Club Benefits and discounts

Certain dining locations at the theme park resorts are available to DVC members along with some golf packages and theme park annual pass costs.

How long do I keep my Disney Vacation Club Membership?

Although you can use your DVC for multiple locations, you actually purchase a share of an actual accommodation unit.
Each unit has a defined life expectancy.  The first expire in 2041.  If you own one of those, your membership cancels at that time.  Your initial investment is not returned and your annual dues cease.

How Can I Get Out of my Disney Vacation Club Membership?

To release your DVC membership, you are able to offer the timeshare to the open market via licensed timeshare resellers.

When is the Disney Vacation Club a Bad Idea?

The Disney Vacation Club only makes financial sense if you work towards the upscale resort options each vacation.  If you dip slightly lower than that, you can almost always get better deals on Disney property by taking care, booking with deals and selecting the best dates to travel.
A DVC membership only pays if you have sufficient free cash in your bank account.
Any small savings that you might get will be wiped out by finance charges on your initial payment (say $24,000).  If $24k is throw away money for your family, the DVC might be a good option for you.
If you go down the DVC route, you are almost certainly unlikely to ever take a vacation again that you have ‘haggled’ a great deal on.
Booking a luxury vacation home off season can for example yield some incredible savings!
If wealthy guests do have $24k available to spend freely, another option is to buy a great pool home in and around Walt Disney World.  If the home has been in a rental program and has performed well, the income could not only pay the capital balance off in 20 years, but could easily generate additional income to fund your vacations there, or anywhere of your choosing.
Unlike the DVC, your investment is yours and can always be passed to other family members.