Unless you are really quick, the next time you visit Hollywood Studios, you will have only 5 rides to choose from!
As of September 27th 2014, the Studio Backlot Tour will permanently close its doors forever.
As one of the original ‘movie themes’ from the park’s opening way back on May 1st 1989, the highly visual walking and tram tour will take its very last guests through Pearl Harbor, and Catastrophe Canyon.

The popular attraction is a little out of date, and contemporary trends of growing Japanese visitors all add to the fact that Disney are looking to add much more to Hollywood Studios.
No announcements have been made so far, but over recent years, we’ve heard Cars Land Rumours, Star Wars Land rumours and more lately, there’s been a huge surge in demand for ‘all things Frozen‘.  Theme Park Insider, Robert Niles, suggests that Pixar Place could be extensively scaled up to take over the Studios Backlot Tour area, with attractions such as a Toy Story Playland and/or a Monsters Inc ride.

Disney have been very tight lipped throughout a number of years, and so far we have seen very credible rumours pointing to Star Wars Land heading to the Echo Lake area of the park.

Due to the distance between Echo Lake and the existing Studio Backlot Tours area, we are kind of leaning towards the large area of the backlot being given up for a non Star Wars theme.  We look like we will have to wait and see!

Whatever Disney decide to do, we can probably be sure that much needed family rides are coming to Hollywood Studios, but guests might need to consider that anything built here might take until early 2018 before it opens to the public!


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Original 1989 MapIf you’d love to read more about the HUGE original Backlot Tour from May 1st 1989, you can step back in time with Disney Park Historian Werner Weiss.
Check out the fascinating original Backstage Studio Tour photos, guides map details of the once massive attraction at Disney-MGM Studios.
Back then, you could tour; costume workshops, scenic shops, a whole residential street, special effects workshops, a Disney preview theatre and of course the few remaining items that stuck around to the very last days such as Catastrophe Canyon and the Pearl Harbor set.
It was such an epic attraction that Disney had restrooms halfway through!