It's a small word plush toys

After raising park ticket prices a few times a year in some cases, Disney and their Magicbands are on a mission to grab your cash!
Sometimes as park guests we feel like our bank accounts are under siege every time we even think about a trip to Orlando!

it's a small world merchandizeWhen it comes to good merchandize though, Disney can have my cash any day if this latest news is anything to go by!
Perhaps the most obvious of all gifts has appeared from almost nowhere as the cult attraction ‘it’s a small world’ hits the stores inside the Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney!

It's a small world merchandizeAs you’d imagine, the dolls actually sing along to this hypnotic and charming boat ride’s melody!  There are currently seven dolls offered in this collection including France, Hawai’i, India, Holland, England, Japan and Kenya.

Along with those cutely appealing dolls, Disney have also released a range of plush characters from the Fantasyland boat ride, including our own family favorite; the Hippo!

Great job Disney!  I can think of hundreds of people that would really loath truly appreciate a reminder of this beautiful ride!

This new range of ‘it’s a small world‘ gifts can be found inside the Magic Kingdom at Emporium  and the Fantasy Faire stores.  Also guests visiting Downtown Disney can find the range inside the World of Disney and Once Upon A Toy.

If you prefer online shopping, the Disney Store is a great option for guests back home!