7 Dwarfs Mine Train LogoThe Magic Kingdom’s much anticipated family friendly roller coaster took to the tracks in style on Tuesday for a series of video shoots after much of the construction boarding was removed overnight.
Disney will be keen to market the living daylights out of their hottest new attraction and nobody can do movies quite as well as they do!

A team of riders took to the swinging seats of the mine carts and rode the route several times as on board cameras caught the live footage for the first Disney promo videos.
Sound effects were fully activated as the mine gracefully worked its way through the magic of the mine.
Most notably, the silent nature of the ride mechanism itself allows riders to enjoy all of the ambient sound effects of the Seven Dwarfs Mine as the train glides through its 2 minute journey.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesSpeculation is running that the ‘Dedication Day’ scheduled for the 2nd May may well herald the official opening of the ride.  If so, coupled with those initial marketing shoot rides of yesterday, we could see some soft openings any time over the latter part of this week onwards.  Welcome news for loyal Disney fans that appear to have waited much longer than you’d usually expect for this beautiful new attraction!

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