Note that Fastpass has now been replaced by Fastpass+

Check out our complete guide to the new hi-tech Fastpass+system!

What Is FastPass?
Fastpass tickets enable guests to skip the regular line and use the almost empty FastPass line to enjoy the attractions.  Generally Line waits drop to around 5 minutes or less if you’ve got a valid FastPass Ticket!
Disney’s FastPass is a ticket based priority system for popular attractions inside their parks.

Armed with a FastPass Ticket, guests can virtually get into attractions without waiting!
It’s free to use and available for single attractions on a strictly limited basis.
How FastPass works
FastPassGuests take their regular park entry ticket and insert it into the FastPass Ticket Machines near specific attraction entrances.
A printed card is dispensed showing your ‘entrance time’ for the Fastpass line for the attraction.
You return to the FastPass lane at your within your designated time and join the attraction almost line free!
Every person in the group needs a FastPass if they wish to join the FastPass line.
How do the FastPass Times work?
Just above the ride entrance area, you will see large displays showing the current time along with the current FastPass Return Time.
The FastPass Return Time is the start time for your 1 hour slot that any newly obtained FastPass tickets would be printed with.  This is the time that you can join the wait free Fastpass line if you obtained a ticket.If the FastPass Return Time states 13:20, you can obtain a ticket now and then return between 13:20 & 14:20 that day.
Can I arrive before or later than the Fastpass time slot on my ticket?
Officially, no.
Over the last 12 months, Disney have significantly tightened the rules and are much less likely to admit your earlier or later than the time designated on your FastPass Tickets.
Our advice is to stick to the time slot.
If however you are early or late, you can always ask politely, but please don’t get angry with the Cast Members if things don’t go your way!
On Entering FASTPASS line
Hand over your FastPass Ticket or show it at the attraction entrance.  Please note, the greeting Cast Member may not take your ticket from you, but a Cast Member later in the line will.
Busy Periods
During very busy periods, the FastPass distribution times get used up quickly as tickets are snapped up.  Only a certain amount per hour are issued then the clock rolls on to the next time slot.
This can often mean that very busy attractions can be out of FastPasses by lunch time!
Breakdown of Attraction
If the attraction you have a FASTPASS for closes for any reason you can come back at anytime of the day and use your FASTPASS.
Can you have more than one FASTPASS at any given time
Each Fastpass ticket has the next time slot that you can obtain another FastPass.
There are two rules determining when you can obtain another FastPass Ticket
Rule One
You can obtain another Fastpass for an attraction after the time of your current fast pass time slot.  In other words, if your time slot is 10:15 – 11:15, you may go to another FastPass ticket Dispenser at 11:15.
Rule Two
Also, you may get another ticket, 2 hours after the actual time that you obtained your current FastPass ticket.  This is helpful if your first FastPass window is very late in the day!
In practical terms, it is almost impossible to obtain more than three or four FastPasses a day!
Can you use the same FASTPASS more than once
FastPasses are single use only and are collected at the attraction by a Cast Member.
Hours of FASTPASS Operation
FASTPASS tickets are issued on a limited basis only.  With only so many available per day, they can run out quickly!
Can I hand unused FastPasses to other Park Guests if we decide to change our plans?
Yes, and its a pleasure to see their faces!
Can I buy an ‘All Day FastPass’ or similar?
No, Disney do not currently offer such passes, although that may change at some point following the recent introduction of MagicBands for Resort Hotel Guests.Currently Resort Guests can book Fastpass+ entrances, but this still currently only offers 3 per day!