IMG_6947As large areas of Hollywood Studios lie idle, and the huge Sorcerer’s Hat is now removed from the hub of the park, most bloggers and theme park fans have been puzzling over what new attractions are in store for Hollywood Studios.

A Star Wars ‘Tattooine’ Land looks like a highly probable outcome as Echo Lake is tipped to move over to the Force!  The empty Sounds Dangerous Theatre and the loss of the American Idol Theatre suggests that something big is heading to a very, very prominent area of the park!  ‘The Hub’ is top real estate in any theme park, and Hollywood Studios is now rid of that dreadful Mickey Hat, only to reveal a mishmash of odd and peculiar structures that somehow won’t fit into a futuristic Star Wars land at all.
Indiana  was once rumoured to be closing, but corporate events in the diary suggest it stays a while longer at least.

Over at the Backlot Tours end of the park, that gas tanker slips down ‘Catastrophe Canyon’ no more.  That leaves a very sparse theme park indeed, that can be covered in much less than a day for your $97.

Confused?  So are we!

But to top all of this chaos off nicely, a little girl in San Francisco, completely outwitted the multi million dollar a year Disney CEO; Bob Iger.
According to Market Watch; her question was simple; Would Disney be changing the name of Hollywood Studios?

Iger amazingly responded that they would be changing the name, only to immediately recoil in the knowledge that had not been officially released.  “Have we announced that?” can be heard on video immediately afterwards!
This was a gaffe it seems, and not some masterful PR work from the world’s ultimate entertainment machine!
On another point Frozen 2 was officially announced by Iger.

So, any clues as to what that name might end up being?

  • Pixar Studios
  • Pixar World
  • Disney Studios
  • Walt Disney World Studios
  • Animation Studios
  • DisneyToon Studios
  • Disney Kingdom

One thing that is sure, and that the name selection might not be easy!
We can expect a strange mixture of Star Wars Attractions, existing thrill rides and whatever ends up taking the place of the backlot tours (at some point rumoured to be Toy Story Land)
A name that embraces such a diverse mix of themes is inevitably going to result in something general.
Losing the Hollywood part of the name makes sense, as it often confuses newcomers.
Although the Studios theme has long gone, the link has survived a previous name change to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Jan 2008 (from Disney – MGM Studios)
It may well survive the next name change too.

Disney, may choose to go for a branded approach, such as Pixar Studios, but the arrival of Star Wars kind of makes that kind of approach a little off balance.
Animation Kingdom would risk confusion with the same resort’s Animal Kingdom.

Disney Studios looks nice enough to us, but that’s just a pure guess and perhaps way to simple and smooth for fans to accept.