IMG_6744Whenever we visit Disney World’s smallest theme park, yet apart from its size, we definitely notice some big differences to the 3 sister parks nearby.

If you’ve ever wondered why Hollywood Studios is a little special, but can’t quite put your finger on it, the answer lies in those beautiful and very authentic looking historic buildings that are scattered around Hollywood Boulevard and beyond.


As we all know, design & detail is everything to the Disney Imagineers, but when they created what was then called Disney-MGM Studios, the team led by Marty Sklar went to extraordinary lengths to transport some Californian magic into its Orlando parks.

During the mid eighties, a short list of iconic buildings over at Hollywood, LA were detailed in every imaginable way, to enable what we now know as Disney’s Hollywood Studios to be built over at Walt Disney World as an architectural tribute to the place that is globally recognised as the entertainment centre of the world.

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesFrom the Crossroads of the World structure that greets you as you enter the park, right through to modest stores and restaurants, almost all of the main structures in Disney’s Hollywood Studios faithfully replicate real life buildings, both past and present in the original district of Hollywood.

IMG_7312 763px-Crossroads_of_the_World

The Hollywood Studios version and the original version of the Crossroads of the World structure located on the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Las Palmas.  (Click here to view in google maps)

Biltmore MissionInn_SpanishWingEven the Tower of Terror steals a number of elements of its design from historic landmarks of Southern California such as the Biltmore Hotel and the Mission Inn.
Although the Mission Inn offers the most detailing that we recognize in the 199ft attraction, the concept of the tower element is clearly recognisable in the much more contemporary architecture of the Biltmore Hotel.

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