Monsters University Character Greets and Special 24 hr Park Events to Celebrate the follow up to Monsters Inc (Memorial Day 2013)

Sometimes we get so hung up about the theme parks, that we forget that Disney and Universal are all about the big screen!

The new Pixar Movie Launches in USA Cinemas on June 21st 2013, but here’s a sneak preview that gives you an idea of how our Scare Floor Friends looked like at University!  As you might have guessed, this ‘prequel’ takes you back to those early formative years in their careers!  It’s going to be a hit on the big screen and Disney look set to ensure that the fun filled creatures stay in our hearts and minds during out park visits!

Official Disney Pixar Monsters University Movie Trailer

This summer, Monsters University looks set to become a huge hit at cinemas.  Disney World’s Monsters University is not about to let you miss out either.  Guests over the summer will have plenty of time to meet up with Mike and Sully at a redesigned meet and greet area over at Hollywood Studios.


To kick things off, Watch out too for a new monorail depicting Pixar’s new Monster movie! but best of all, this Memorial Day (May 24th 2013) The Magic Kingdom and Disneyland will remain open for 24 hours as part of the celebrations!  Expect to see your favourite characters in their PJ’s for some night long fun!

Here’s the Disney Parks Official Release Video for the 24 Hr Monsters University Launch on Spaceship Earth Epcot!

Monsers Inc Monorail


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