Disney Parks, including WDW are offering a Disney Military Deal including discounted tickets and accommodation deals that can be purchased from August 12th 2013 through September 24th 2014.
(Tickets may be actually used between September 29th 2013 through September 27th 2014).

With discounted 4 day tickets available from $169 for qualifying guests* the deal is a good saving on the standard Disney gate price of $279 for an adult or $260 for kids.

As part of the $169 deal you can choose to have either a park hopper or Water Parks option within the price too.

If you want to max the ticket right out there’s a special ticket that includes Water Park and Park Hopper for $198 each.

Disney are also offering discounted accommodation deals over the similar period.
Block out dates apply:
Nov 28th – Nov 30th 2013
Dec 23rd – Dec 31st 2013
Apr 14th – Apr 19th 2014

* Qualifying Personnel For Disney Salutes the Forces Deal
Active and retired US military personnel, US Coast Guard, National Guard & spouses.