Pandora The Land Of Avatar It seems a while since Disney announced any major news about their massive developments at Disney Springs or theme parks.
Social media had a crazy spell last year when the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train made its debut, but you would easily assume that little else is going on at WDW judging by press releases alone.  The reality however is very different!
A completely new, if not controversial Frozen ride is heading to Epcot’s Norway, Soarin is receiving its 3 screen to boost capacity (and a new movie sequence).
Animal Kingdom is part way through Avatarland, and a new night time show arena.
Hollywood Studios is the focus of everyone’s curiosity though, with Star Wars land rumoured, and much much more still officially under wraps as the Backlot Tours area closed without explanation!
Disney might not be saying much, but their actions certainly seem to speak louder than words as they push harder in the wake of Universal’s Diagon Alley expansion.

This exciting new area is well under way at Camp Minnie Mickey, but don’t expect to see any part of it until 2017.  Rumours of a ‘Soarin’ style Banshee ride through Pandora and a suspected boat ride are still yet to be confirmed, but if the length of planning is anything to go by, it will be good! (it was believed to begin in Spring 2011!!!)

Take a quick look at Disney’s latest video glimpse into design of Pandora: The Land Of Avatar.

How on earth would Disney integrate the curiously appealing, yet hideous form of Planet Hollywood into the Victorian themed new Disney Springs?
A little inspiration from Jules Verne in the true Disney style of imagineering looks set to create a fabulous ‘steam punk‘ observatory that looks set to transform the big blue garish globe into an altogether more civilized looking venue for diners to enjoy!

As well as an external makeover the restaurant will take on a slightly new name when it finishes in 2016:
Planet Hollywood Observatory

The interior will also change, with a planetarium themed ceiling, but, retaining movie props around the restaurant.
The closure date has not been announced and the menu choices are also TBA.
Planet Hollywood’s chain was founded in 1991 by Robert Earl, Sylvester Stalone and Bruce Willis and now has locations in 7 worldwide cities.

Planet Hollywood Observatory