There’s no doubt at all that the biggest draw to Central Florida’s booming tourism industry is Walt Disney World Resort.
A significant proportion of the 50 million plus visitors to the region will head into one of Disney’s parks or premises at some point of their stay.  Setting vacation accommodation aside, for most US citizens, theme park tickets jump into second spot on the budget!

Equally, tickets are perhaps the most difficult to get the best deal from, with dozens of combinations, options and upgrades for guests to choose from.
Disney tickets are without the most complex for guests to ‘get their heads around’ in our opinion.
Despite conspiracy theories, in our opinion, Disney haven’t made them deliberately complex, they are simply doing their best to make sure that their very loyal guests can choose a tailored ticketing package to suit their vacations perfectly.

With ‘base tickets’, ‘park hoppers’, ‘water park and more fun’, ‘no expiration’ and of course a bundle of annual pass options to choose from, first time visitors to Walt Disney World can easily be forgiven for being confused!

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For the time being, we will look at the No Expiration option in more detail;


Magic Your Way – No Expiration – For Experienced Disney Fans Only?

Wow, that’s one amazing rule we’ve just questioned!
But to be fair, if you stick to it, your wallet will almost certainly be fatter than if you opt for the ‘dreaded no expiration option’.  We will do our very best to explain why, but first, let’s take a look at what the ‘no expiry’ actually does for you!

Disney’s Magic Your Way No Expiration option Explained

A normal Magic Your Way ‘base ticket’ always expires at the end of the 14th day after its first use.  So, if you purchase a 10 day ticket, only use 6 days during your vacation, you will lose the ability to use the tickets 14 day later than your first day of use.

The ‘No Expiration’ option, can be included when you initially purchase your tickets, or, at any time within the 14 days tat it remains valid as an ‘add on’.
The price for either method is the same.

When the ‘No Expiration Disney Option’ doesn’t make sense!

No expiration is a bad option when your first purchase your tickets usually.
Bear in mind that a 10 day ticket looks great value, but you may or may not use all 10 days up in a vacation.  We tend to hear that most 10 day ticket owners tend only to use 6 days of entitlement on average!  taking the option out at the start, kind of makes little sense until you know how your vacation is actually going to work out.  Imagine paying for the upgrade and ending up using all 14 days up that vacation?  Agghh.

The Cost of buying a 10 day ticket with ‘No Expiry’

  • $318 = Cost of a 10 Day Adult Base Ticket
  • $275 = Cost of a 10 Day No Expiry Option
  • $593 = Total Cost of a 10 Day ticket with No Expiry ($59.30 per day)

The Cost of buying a 5 day base ticket now and another 5 day base ticket later!

  • $268 = Cost of a 5 Day Adult Base Ticket
  • $268 = Cost of a 5 Day Adult Base Ticket
  • $536 = Total Cost of two separate 5 Day Adult Base Tickets

If you followed the example above, you’d save $57 per adult by waiting for your next visit, and of course, you’d have the cash in your bank account instead of Mickey Mouse’s!

So how is the ‘No Expiry’ option worth it?

In our opinion, there are really two circumstances that ‘might just’ make the no expiration Disney option worth considering;

  1. If you are going to visit WDW for a day or two at a time on regular occasions in the future.
  2. If you are going to come back for sure in many years to come, you avoid any price increases.

Having said all of the above, our advice is to try and plan well and keep that hard earned cash in your pockets not Disney’s while you are sat at home!
Buy the tickets that you need and nothing more!