Magic Your WayUPDATE
Tickets at the Magic Kingdom rise to $105 per day.
All other tickets will be $97 per day as of Sunday 22nd 2015

Also, the No Expiry option will no longer be an option and a water park pass will allow you to ‘hop’ between Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach!

On February 23rd of 2014, Disney’s One Day Pass prices nudged within a dollar of breaking the dreaded $100 point to visit the Magic Kingdom.
Forums and social media platforms buzzed with rage, but over the course of 2014, the turnstiles clicked like crazy as Disney reported record visitor numbers and park profits.

2015’s annual theme park ticket increase is rumoured to be looming upon us, and there’s every hint that some time around the second or third week in February, that magical $100 will be breached with a few percent price increase across the board of Magic Your Way Tickets, Annual Passes and general Walt Disney World pricing such as mini golf, Disney Quest and other recreational activities.

It’s not only ticket increases that are in the frame.
According to Theme Park Insider and the rather clumsy (and in our opinion Ill advised) No Expiry option looks set to disappear entirely from the ticket booth option list, bringing Walt Disney World in line with Disneyland over on the West Coast.
For a hefty fee, you can currently ‘protect’ any remaining unused days on your passes, allowing you to use them whenever you wished for future dates.  Whereas a regular Magic Your Way ticket expires automatically within 14 days of its first use, no matter how many valid days remain.
The costly upgrade was hardly ever of any sense for guests to take out, and any typical theme park guest would almost always lose out if that option was paid.
EDITOR: We are VERY glad to see the back of that very misunderstood ticket option!

There’s going to be a new option, if rumours are correct.
Right now you can add on a water park option to a regular ticket, that allows guests to visit as many water parks as you wish during the life of your multi day pass.
In the near future, Disney look set to add a specific number of days as an alternative water park pass option.  Probably more cost effective than the current unlimited Water Park Option, but both will probably remain for guests to choose.

The latest increases will rekindle discussions on Forums, but one fact has to be borne in  mind; no matter how frustrating these increases become, the crowds seem to want more and more time at Walt Disney World!

Looking to the future, our simple line chart shows where ticket prices are probably headed over the years, and it’s plain to see that we only have 10 years to wait before a single day pass hits the $150 mark!

Feb 2014 Ticket Price Graphic

Disney Ticket Price Saving Tips

Don’t despair.
There’s one simple tip that can save you a lot of money if you are in a position to buy tickets now.
So long as you buy real tickets (not vouchers for tickets) any unused ticket that you purchase now, is valid forever.
It only expires 14 days AFTER FIRST USE.  So make the most of the slightly lower ticket prices in January and early February and beat the rush by purchasing your next vacation’s tickets before the increase.

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