Best Disney Ticket Advice?

Luxury Orlando Vacation HomesHere’s some invaluable information that will help you avoid some big mistakes in buying Disney Tickets.
Whatever happens, resist those upgrades unless you are absolutely certain that they work out best for your family!
If all you read is the very last Golden Rules section, you will save a lot of money.

Use our Disney Park Ticket Wizard to help you pick the right ticket options for your vacation!

Disney has made the actual process of purchasing a ticket an efficient process via their website or ticket booths at the entrance their theme and water parks.

Genuine tickets may also be purchased from reputable travel agents, ticket agencies and Stores such as Walmart in the US.

That’s where the Disney Magic fun stops momentarily!

Actually choosing from their many ticketing options can be a nightmare!

To be fair to Disney, it’s not their fault.  They have simply tried to provide their huge diversity of guests with options that suit there needs.  The choice can be bewildering!

We will try to explain prices in the simplest terms possible, so here goes!


Cost of a single park Base ticket (The benchmark!)

As its name suggests the Base ticket is the most basic ticket.  It allows you into a park for the day with as many exits and re-entries to that same park as you wish.  A visit to another park would require another 1 days Base ticket.

  • One day entry into any of the four WDW parks.
  • Hopping between parks is not permitted.
  • Tickets expires after first use
  • Entry to Disney’s water Parks not included

Give or take the odd deal or promotion, at the gate a 1 day Base ticket will be;

Ticket Type Total Cost  Effective Daily Rate 
Adult (Age 10+) 1 Day Base Ticket $99.00 $99.00 (Magic Kingdom)
Child (Age 3-9)  1 Day Base Ticket $93.00 $93.00 (Magic Kingdom)

(all plus tax)


Cost of Multi Day Disney tickets

Multi day Base tickets are typically available for between 2 and 10 days, and provide the holder with;

  • Multiple days entry into the four WDW parks.
  • Restricted to one park per day remaining on the ticket.
  • Hopping between parks is not permitted.
  • Tickets expire 14 days after the first use, you lose any unused days.
Ticket Type Total Cost  Effective Daily Rate 
Adult (Age 10+) 4 Day Base Ticket $294.00 $73.50
Child (Age 3-9)  4 Day Base Ticket $274.00 $68.50
Ticket Type Total Cost  Effective Day Rate 
Adult (Age 10+) 10 Day Base Ticket $354.00 $35.40
Child (Age 3-9)  10 Day Base Ticket $334.00 $33.40

(all plus tax)

Park Hopper Option – Pitfalls and Benefits Explained

If you add a park hopper option to your base ticket, you can enter any of the Walt Disney World Parks as often as you like in any one day and only use one of the days from that ticket.

This works very well for guests that are very familiar with the parks and want to cherry pick their activities during a visit.  For less experienced guests, too much of your day can be lost just travelling between the parks and navigating around the attractions.

NOTE: The ticketing system will not allow you to access a second theme park unless you have a park hopper option.  For example; you can’t use another day’s allowance from a multi day ticket.


No Expiry Option – Pitfalls and Benefits Explained

Having this option allows you to return to WDW at any time in the future by using any remaining days left on your original Multi Day Ticket.

Without a NO EXPIRY option, your Magic Your Way tickets will automatically expire 14 days after the first use. (Note: Not 14 days after you BUY the ticket).

The biggest mistake people make with the NO EXPIRY is to take it at the START of their vacation.

Our advice is to try and avoid buying more days than you will need as keeping any remaining days alive by taking the NO EXPIRY option can work out expensive, especially if you want to protect just a few days that remain on says 10 day ticket.

Remember that the NO EXPIRY charge depends upon how many days you ORIGINALLY bought, not how many REMAIN at the time of the upgrade!

If you think about that, you could end up paying $100’s to protect just a few days that remain on your 10 day ticket!  That’s probably not worth it!

NO EXPIRY can on very rare occasions, be an excellent deal, but it only works if you wait until the end of your stay and then see whether you have enough days remaining to justify the upgrade.  In most cases it often isn’t!

The only way it usually works out (and only just) is if you buy a 10 day ticket and only use 4 or 5 during your initial visit.  No Expiry is perhaps the most misunderstood and mis purchased Disney Ticket upgrade!


Water Park and Fun Option – Pitfalls and Benefits Explained

If you want to take in either of the Fantastic Disney Water parks, then this is a great option that offers you the chance without using any of your park days up!

You need to visit a water park more than once to make this pay!  If you are going just once, it’s most likely to be cheaper to buy water park tickets on the gate.


Disney Tickets – Some extra Advice

If you are visiting the Orlando area for 14 days or less and are happy to visit no more than one park per day but wish to visit all 4 of the main Walt Disney World parks, then the 4 day Base ticket is probably the best possible value.

If you believe you will need more days than 4, then you may as well go for the 10 day base ticket at around $40 more (which is less than a discounted day!)

Whatever happens, if you are driving to WDW parks, don’t forget that each day that you drive to a park you must purchase a parking ticket.

(it’s valid throughout the entire WDW resort area for that day – $15 per car)

Disney Ticket Golden Rules!

Use our Ticket Wizard to crunch the best possible deal for you using the gate prices.
(it will help you to decided whether to buy park hopper tickets, water park options with the guesswork taken out, leaving you free to check out the best deals on the net afterwards!)

Always do your best to plan how many days you will go to the parks before you approach the ticket booth!

NEVER EVER buy the No Expiry Option at the start of your vacation. (You’d be wasting about $25 a day on the tickets that you were definitely going to use up that stay! Wait until the end of your vacation to see if you have enough unused days left to justify the big cost of the upgrade.
The Park Hopper Option usually only works best for very short stays at WDW or for experienced park visitors that intend to Park hop frequently.
If it’s your first visit to WDW, it’s very possible that you completely underestimate how good it is and how much there is to see and do (or how busy it is at certain times).
Never buy tickets from roadside vendors or small independent retailers.
Never trust promises of huge discounts! Even the best discount outlets only offer a small advantage over gate prices. If big discounts are offered, beware the timeshare trap or worse still, Fraud!
Don’t waste your precious vacation time trapped in a conference room!
By all means buy your tickets from reputable online retailers, the discounts aren’t huge but it can add up over your entire party – check their reputation first!
Never attempt to cheat the WDW Ticketing system.

Never train your kids to lie about their age, tickets are linked to fingerprints at every turnstile, tickets can’t be passed back to guests outside the park- the system is very good at detecting fraud and you don’t want to get your tickets withdrawn for misuse during your vacation!