Disney Springs Popularity lower than Downtown Disney!

Disney’s name game will pay off!
While hardly a statistically significant survey, our recent Facebook question asked simply;

Question Downtown Disney will be renamed soon as part of its huge overhaul, but which name do you prefer?
Downtown Disney or Disney Springs

Well what do you know?  The notoriously die-hard faithful stuck to Downtown Disney with less than 10% going for Disney Springs as their preferred name for the Shopping, Dining and Entertainment hotspot in Walt Disney World.

Disney Unveils Vision for Disney Springs – West Side

True to type, the respondents, mostly female, some male, share one significant thing in common; they don’t like change one bit.  It’s understandable I guess, most have travelled to Orlando faithfully for years now.


Most importantly, either their own childhood disney dreams and those perhaps of their kids were born here.
Change it seems, no matter how small, can remove the chance to return and reminisce about hose treasured days gone by, no matter how recently they may have been.

If a visit to Paris, minus the Eiffel Tower would be incomplete, then for many, the mere removal of a favorite cookie from the bakery is a crime against Walt’s wishes!
What would Walt make of this? People often say.  The reality being, that he would adore the unsurpassed popularity that his creation currently enjoys!
Thinking further about Disney Springs, it’s hard to imagine that the legendary man of dreams and vision would ever have settled for Downtown Disney in the very first place!
Disney Springs all the way for Walt we reckon.

Can a multi billion dollar organisation survive with sentiment?
The answer is that it needs sentiment and belonging in order to make the magic formula work for ever more, not just for the transient faithful of today.
After all, we will always return, no matter what and rest assured that those analysts know fine well that this momentarily unpopular name change is a game that they will soon win our dollars with!

Is it a mistake for Disney to rename Downtown Disney?
Best think of it perhaps, as a huge message that this is going to be a significant change to this quaint corner of Disney World!