A quick tour around Downtown Disney (Springs) this week offers a hint at how this new Disney Springs area is beginning to shape up.
Although the area is heavily screened with construction walling, and the routes in and out are under heavy construction too, don’t let it put you off going there.
Your old favorites at Downtown Disney are still there (mainly), and a the first real signs of what’s to come are beginning to make themselves available.

The Boatyard is the biggest development over the recent weeks.
I took a tour during the VIP visit by the developer of the Boathouse Stephen Schussler as the exciting upscale restaurant really begins to make waves this week.
I can’t really describe how beautifully themed this new 5 star restaurant looks, and too the surrounding landings that include dozens of static boats, along with a stunning motor cruiser the Venezia.
If that glamorous launch isn’t for you then take a spin in an Amphicar, or your own QuadSki.
No matter how you ook at it, Disney Springs is going to be something else for Walt Disney World, and easily capable of filling an entire day (or two), just dining, shopping and having fun.

Check out our latest shots;

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