D23 will sort some Disney rumours out over the 9th-11th August Weekend

D23 Expo

Avatar Land, New Star Wars Attractions and Disney Springs are expected to be in the spotlight but there’s little news right now that anything more about other much anticipated and rumoured attractions being announced at Disney’s annual official fan event in Anaheim.
Cars Land looks off the map a bit, for now anyway!


Sadly, the much anticipated Cars Land announcement, isn’t likely to be made at D23 according to some sources.
One possible reason for that Disney may have finally decided that a huge scale Star Wars Land is a much better prospect for Hollywood Studios.

As things stand Cars Land rumours might just be rumours and remain that way.
Personally, we feel that the Star Wars ‘reveal’ at D23 may be a little bigger than we might have been expecting, and a Cars ‘attraction’ may be developed rather than a whole ‘Land’.
But the lack of any mention of Cars Land right now, may also be a very good sign that Disney are planning something much, much bigger than we might dream for Hollywood Studios!


Hollywood Studios – Disney Need to be Bold!

Disney really have a very ‘land locked’ theme park with Hollywood Studios.
Access roads, parking lots and major roads practically form boundaries, preventing any natural expansion from easily taking place.
If the park is to flourish and become more family friendly, there’s a big choice to be made!


Low Level Expansion – Use the layout they’ve got
Like any puzzle, you can mess about with the clues and design your own concepts and be a million miles away, but, there’s always been a ‘bug on the windshield’ for us as far as Cars Land goes:
Why would Disney recreate what we see on the West coast?
Why rebuild another Test Track style concept at huge expense for a brand that already has had enough investment,  perhaps fully ‘maxed out’ as a profit maker?
With a huge investment just made in Star Wars, and the D23 announcement coming up,there is a big clue that if the theme park stays the same size as it is, only one ‘land’ is headed to Hollywood Studios soon!
So what of the Cars hype for the park?  One option is that the ‘Not So Great Movie Ride’ which has had a fair share of attention from the rumour mill.
We anticipate the Great Movie Ride as a very simple upgrade, to a Radiator Springs dark ride, if HS chooses to stay as compact as it is.

Simply put, a major Cars Land and Star Wars Land does not practically fit in to the current park layout.
Developing both areas over a similar period would wipe just about every current attraction of this already limited park out of service for years.  Not an option!


High Level Expansion – Break out past the service roads
A high level expansion at Hollywood Studios would totally change the whole concept of Hollywood Studios and of course permit some big projects to proceed without disrupting the current park excessively.
What we currently see as the entire park, would in fact become ‘an area’.
Star Wars Land could easily fit in there currently, but any further major developments such as Cars Land, would take place beyond the current service roads and parking lots.
Going down this route, fits in much better if Disney are to lift their game for WDW and would match their considerable efforts being made in Disney Springs, the Magic Kingdom and general resort areas.
It also possibly explains a lack of announcement about Cars Land at the D23 Expo.
Why announce something that is still in planning on a much larger scale?
Interestingly, rumours are already in place for major roadworks changes for Hollywood Studios.
If true, this massive infrastructure update, would see the existing parking lot plazas and entrance way moved near the Art of Animation Resort on Victory Way.
Disney would only do something as huge as that for one reason and it would be a big reason.  Growth.

Let’s wait and see which way Hollywood Studios goes, let’s hope that it’s the bigger expansion.  Everyone knows that the park really needs it!


Avatar Land at Animal Kingdom

Avatar Land news will be very much in the spotlight though and we can expect a big boost to Animal Kingdom heading our way.  This new area is an opportunity for Disney to really lift the park further up the attendance figure league and add some cult following that Universal’s Harry Potter based attractions currently look set to harden.
If Disney mess up by going ‘half way’ with Avatar Land, they will send a huge message out to Disney fans that their future aims lie heavily in the commercial projects such as MagicBands and Disney Springs retail opportunities.
That would not go down well!

A lot more information will emerge on Disney Springs at D23, although the information will probably be limited to glossy artwork and further more detailed conceptual ideas rather than announcements about partners, store names, restaurants and attractions.
Think ‘commercial’ rather than information perhaps!

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